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Use PCHSearch&Win to find ways to give back

The PCH Giveback: Giving Back Is A Winning Proposition!

We at PCH LOVE to give back; we love to help others, we love to bring joy, and we love to help make a difference. And we know YOU love to help others and make a difference, too. So, read on now to learn more about the PCH Giveback, and ways that YOU could give back, too.

As you know, PCH is participating in the Giveback again this year. This whole week, we’ve had many, many PCH Giveback events. And during this week, YOU were a big help. Yes, during this past week, you’ve visited so many PCH sites to help out with the PCH Giveback. You visited our PCH Official Facebook page, you’ve been right here on the PCHblog to learn more about what you can do, and more. And thanks to your participation, dedication and help this week, PCH has donated even more money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! So, thank you. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

Now, we’re sure you’re looking for even more ways to give back and help others. And here’s what you could do — go ahead and search at PCHSearch&Win ( for ways that YOU could give back. Yes, using PCHSearch&Win is a great way to find ways to help in your town, your state, the country, and all over the world.

Yes, simply by searching at PCHSearch&Win today, you’ll find plenty of ways to give back!

Looking for ways to give back right near your home? Search at PCHSearch&Win  to find local soup kitchens, animal shelters, and more. Maybe there is a location nearby where you could drop off clothing. Maybe you could find a community garden down the road that needs YOUR help watering the plants. Search at PCHSearch&Win and you could find plenty of ways to help right in your town (even your neighborhood).

There are plenty of ways to help give back throughout the country. You could go on a road trip, traveling state to state, helping people all over the country. What state would you travel to first? Search at PCHSearch&Win  and you could soon be planning your give-back road trip.

Looking to travel the world? Wouldn’t it be great to travel and help those in need? There are plenty of ways you could volunteer in countries all over the world. Go ahead and search at PCHSearch&Win for opportunities to get involved in helping people all around the globe. What country would you travel to?

You see? You’ve already helped PCH during The Giveback. Now, you could learn of even more ways YOU could continue to help others by searching at PCHSearch&Win  now.

How would you like to give back? Please tell us how in the comments section below!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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