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What Would YOU Splurge On If You Become The Newest PCH Millionaire?

Imagine waking up one day, worry-free of financial issues and knowing that you could enjoy your day doing whatever it is that you please. That would be the life, right fans? Well, I am here to tell you that if you are the winner of our exciting “Turn Back Time” prize , this fantasy could become your reality. The winner of this amazing prize would become a PCH millionaire instantly, with $2.6 million dollars upfront, followed by $5,000.00 a week FOR LIFE! Now, with all that money, you’d have enough to pay off bills and so much more. The big question is, though, what would you splurge on? Let’s take a look at some awesome ideas if you become our next big winner!

Take A Lavish Vacation

It’s been quite a few years fans since I’ve been on an all-out lavish vacation. I’m not talking about a weekend getaway or a quick trip out of state. I mean a full week of sand, sun, poolside meals and more. My ultimate vacation would be a two-week long trip to different all-inclusive resorts. I’ve also always wanted to take tours of both Ireland and Italy. With all the money that you could win at PCH, you might even be able to take multiple vacations! So fans, what would your ultimate vacation be? If you need some ideas head on over to PCHSearch&Win  for some great destination ideas (and even more chances to win fun prizes).

Buy A Brand New Home (Or Even A Vacation Home!) 

 As a fairly recent new homeowner, let me tell you, buying a house is TOUGH! My husband and I purchased our very first home just over a year ago and what a wild ride that was. There are so many costs that never cross your mind, until you are hit with fees, inspection costs and more. After we got the financial shock out of our system we realized that it was really the best choice we could have made.

Now, imagine how much less stressful it would be if you become an instant PCH millionaire. You could just buy the house, in CASH? I can’t imagine how amazing that would feel!

Go On A No Limits Shopping Spree

How fun would it be to just walk into your favorite store and pick out that sweater, handbag or expensive coat that you’ve been eyeing forever? Well, if you were to win the “Turn Back Time” prize, then those expensive items you love could FINALLY be yours! Even though I am not a big shopper, I do enjoy browsing my favorite stores and checking out online sales  (especially because there are no lines!). My favorite items to purchase are shoes and handbags, so I think if I were a PCH millionaire I would definitely go out and buy myself a nice collection of both!

Well fans, these are just some of the awesome things you could splurge on if you were our next big winner! Unfortunately, as a PCH employee I’m not eligible to win any of our amazing prizes (I guess I’ll have to find another way to become an instant millionaire), but the great news is that YOU are!

Remember to keep those entries coming  each and every day. Enter to win the PCH “Turn Back Time” prize as many times as you can each day and you could wake up a PCH millionaire!

Best Of Luck!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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