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BEWARE! Don’t Let Scammers Fool You With Fake Friend Requests!

October is known for being a month filled with spooky surprises, fun and scares leading up to Halloween, but I have some real spooky news, loyal PCH fans!  What could this be? Well, it has to do with fake social media accounts and fake friend requests from scammers posing as our very own Prize Patrol members! How scary is that? Never fear though, because we are here to give you some surefire ways to know if you or a loved one is being scammed!

Prize Patrol Members Will Never Send You Friend Requests

Beware, PCH fans!  Scammers tend to get really creative (and not in a good way) about making their fake pages look as real as possible. Sometimes it can be really tricky to tell the difference. In fact, my sister let me know a few weeks ago that she received a friend request from an account on Facebook claiming to be that of our very own Prize Patrol member Todd Sloane. Luckily, she knew it couldn’t be real – but the account had photos, information and more that made it look pretty convincing. Never fall for it, fans! If something tells you it’s not right then trust your instincts!

Publishers Clearing House Will NEVER contact a winner in advance

ALERT! ALERT! This should be a major red flag, folks. Here at PCH we pride ourselves with our surprise winning moments so we would NEVER want to spoil a winner’s big day! These fake winning messages can come in the form of letters, email, social media messages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and even phone calls. Not only will the Prize Patrol never send a friend request or Facebook message, but neither will ANY PCH employee. Remember, never interact with any scam message and make sure you report it to us right away!



Remember, the best way to avoid scammers is to make sure you report the incident right away using our handy scam form. Also, don’t forget that here at PCH the winning is ALWAYS FREE!  You never have to pay a fee of any kind to enter or win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.

Stay safe, everyone!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative


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