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How Would You Spend $2.6 Million Upfront?

Will you “Turn Back Time” this December? You read that right – the Prize Patrol could hand you our exciting “Turn Back Time” prize this Winter! This huge, life-changing prize starts off with the past 10 years’ worth of weekly $5,000.00 prize checks all at once and then continues to pay $5,000.00 a week for life!

That means if you win this SuperPrize on December 22nd, $2.6 Million would become yours UP FRONT! Just imagine having all that money to your name all in that very moment; you’d be able to spend MILLIONS of dollars any way you’d like! So, tell us… If the Prize Patrol handed you $2,600,000.00 all at once… how would you spend it?

I’d Buy A New Car!

Wouldn’t it be great to buy a brand-new car? Cruising the coast, breeze in your hair, the open road ahead of you… you could go anywhere you’d like in your fresh new wheels! Well, you could finally buy your dream car if you’re awarded $2.6 Million Upfront! Where would you drive to in your brand-new car?

I’d Buy A New House!

What would your dream house look like? Would you want to buy a mansion? A beach house? A log cabin? You’ve probably been dreaming of what your house could look like for years. And with this “Turn Back Time” prize, you could be handed the keys to your dream home if you are awarded $2,600,000.00 Upfront and choose to spend it on a luxury brand new home!

I’d Travel!

With $2.6 Million to your name, where would you travel to? We’re sure you have so many dream destination spots in mind: there are so many cities, landmarks, and beaches you could visit. And winning $2.6 Million Upfront would make that vacation the ultimate dream come true!

I’d Save It & Put It Right In The Bank!

Hey, if you won $2,600,000.00, maybe you’d want to save every penny and put it right in the bank! With $2.6 Million upfront, you could save up for college, retirement, anything!

Win the “Turn Back Time” Prize during this special early look prize event and you could spend this money however you’d like! If you’re handed a “BIG CHECK” by the Prize Patrol… how would you spend $2.6 Million Upfront?

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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