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PCH is the Play From Home Sweepstakes King!

Hear ye, hear ye! It’s a royal win for Publishers Clearing House. I hereby name PCH the KING of Play From Home Sweepstakes! PCH shall hereafter be known as the Bringer of the “Big Checks”, the Breaker of debt Chains, Awarder of Prizes, Maker of Winners, Changer of Lives, Father of Giveaways, true and rightful Heir to the sweeps throne!

(Phew! That’s a mouthful!)

When it comes to the exciting world of Play From Home Sweepstakes, it may feel like a lot of companies are fighting for a seat on the throne, but here’s why Publishers Clearing House earns the iron seat:

FREE and EASY Access to Every Single One of Our Sweeps!

We have a strict no pay to play policy which means you can enter for all your favorite prizes with absolutely no cost to you. (We’ll go over all the fun stuff available to win further down the list.) Enter as often as you want, on as many devices as you want, so you can get your play from home sweepstakes fix wherever you are. is always a great place to start! Get your daily fill in our “sweepstakes” tab – we have lots and lots of great prizes to choose from – and you can get double chances to win every single prize if you log in on both your Desktop and Mobile device.

But don’t stop there! Download The PCH APP for iphone or android and go for even MORE of the sweeps that you love! AND BEST YET, JUST BY HAVING THE APP ON YOUR PHONE, YOU COULD BECOME A WINNER!! Did I mention it’s free?

We Make Entering FUN!

Gone are the days of boring, unoriginal online entry forms. The new PCH way is to serve up your daily prize entries with a little playtime fun! We’ve got arcade and carnival games, plus casino-style fun and more! My personal favorite (even though, as an employee, I can’t actually win any prizes) is the $1,000,000 Shipwreck Stash game, where players can pop underwater bubbles filled with cash to boost their prize amount. There’s lots of good, clean fun and entertainment on the site, and all roads lead to entries!

Michael Shields, a PCH winner of $1 Million and a Lincoln MKZ says: “Why not play a game where you have an opportunity to win money? The rest of those games just take up your time. This could change your life!”

Our Prizes are REAL – And So Are Our Winners!

I’m sure you’ve seen our commercials on TV! They’re filled with prizewinners (real people) who enjoy Play From Home Sweepstakes like you. The truth is, we’ve awarded over $360 Million in prizes over the years to a lot of lucky sweeps fans. That’s because we’re constantly looking for winners for our next big prize event (which happens every couple of months, so the search is always on!). This time, the prize event is called “Turn Back Time”, where we’ll be taking a special early look for a winner from Giveaway #8800. This incredible prize event awards 10 years’ worth of “back pay” on a $5,000 a week for life prize – that’s $2.6 Million at once plus $5,000 a week for life going forward, all scheduled to be awarded on December 22nd!

Plus, we have millions upon millions of dollars in other prize opportunities throughout our site – there are so many ways to win!

Now, if it’s instant-win excitement you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered there, too! Try our scratch cards or special tournaments (we have tournaments every day for Slots, Blackjack and Token Games with real cash prize winners).

Remember, our House was built on delivering millionaire-making prizes and life-changing moments for families across the country! So, isn’t it time you got in on the action? Visit now and get in the game!

Best of luck,

Nicole T.
PCH Creative

P.S. SURPRISE! The Prize Patrol shows up to your door with the “Big Check.” What piece of “sweepstakes” winner advice would you pass along to the next person?

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