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Behind The Scenes With Real Publishers Clearing House Winners!

Last week, I told you about my first trip as a traveling interviewer for our new “Inside PCH” live show! These segments show follow-up “Where Are They Now?” interviews with real Publishers Clearing House winners! It airs weekly on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, every Tuesday at 2pm EST.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you totally should! New prizewinners are announced every episode, and there’s lots of fun content that will make you come back week after week!

Because I’ve interviewed so many real Publishers Clearing House winners in the past, the producers of the show asked me to turn my follow-up reports into video segments! So now, every few weeks I fly to a different location to interview a previous winner. It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

My next winning adventure took me to the Detroit region, AKA Motor City, to visit Mike Shields! He won $1,000,000.00 plus a Brand New Car! Here’s a look back at his winning moment:


I arrived at Mike’s beautiful home in a gorgeous suburban area outside of Detroit and saw several other cars parked outside. They turned out to be the freelance film crew, the very same videographers who helped the Prize Patrol film Mike Shields’ winning moment the previous year!

Mike and his wife were so nice and accommodating, and really made the crew and me feel comfortable. While the video crew spent some time getting the shots ready, I got to do a pre-interview chat with the Shields. They shared some personal thoughts with me, but first, why not watch the video of my interview with them?


As you can see, they’re a super nice couple who are so humble, but still very excited about their win from PCH! During our chat, Mike opened up to me about how much of an impact winning made on his family life.

His nephew, a war veteran, had passed away, leaving behind a young son. Mike and his wife Susan had taken it upon themselves to welcome the boy into their home and raise him as their own. They also frequently have their grandson in the house as well, and he is roughly the same age. Getting $1,000,000.00 and becoming real Publishers Clearing House winners meant that Mike could spend more time in his retirement to focus on the kids, and give them the attention they truly deserve!

I was really touched by this, and you could tell Mike and Susan have a lot of love to share. Having a financial blessing like this has really freed them up so they can focus on the important things in life. As you’ll see in the video, Mike considers himself an avid fisherman, and he showed me some of the latest gear he uses to spend time with the boys.

In fact, Mike and Susan left right after our interview to go to a sporting event that one of the boys was participating in. It must be a real pleasure to be able to be so involved in your grandkids’ lives like that!

I left Mike and Susan’s house low on energy from a long day of travel, but full on spirit. The Shields’ love of family was very evident, and I’m so glad that Publishers Clearing House could help them fulfill their dreams of being there for those who need it the most!

Stay tuned for my next report, where I share the behind the scenes on my trip to interview Robb Gonzales!

Matt K.
PCH Creative


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