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Turn Back Time Prize Special Early Look Event

Would You Rather Win $1 Million Or The Turn Back Time Prize?

Hey Blog Readers,

I’m so excited about PCH’s NEW Turn Back Time prize!  It’s the one you’ve seen on TV where a winner would get $2,600,000.00 – that’s 10 years’ worth of back payments – plus an amazing $5,000.00 A Week For Life!  And it could all start when we take a special early look for a matching winning number on December 22nd!

What’s A Special Early Look?

The short answer: It’s how PCH gets to make SO MANY MILLIONAIRES!

You see, just like other giveaways, Publishers Clearing House giveaways have a start date and an end date.  But here at PCH, we can’t wait until the giveaway ends to start making winners! That’s why we take a special early look!

This time our Special Early Look is on December 22nd.  And if we find that someone has timely returned a number that matches the winning number, that lucky person will get the GIANT SUPERPRIZE YOU’VE SEEN ON TV –  $2.6 Million Plus $5,000 A Week For Life – before our giveaway is over.

What Happens If We Don’t Find A Match?

That, my friends, is the MILLION DOLLAR question!

In theory, we could just not award a prize.  We could say, “Sorry – we’re waiting for giveaway end” and move on to the next big opportunity.  But we’re PCH and we love giving away big prizes, so if a matching winning number was not returned in time for our special early look, we typically do a second chance drawing and award $1,000,000.00 instead!

Would You Rather Win $1 Million Or The Turn Back Time Prize?

Of course, the Turn Back Time Prize is more money and it pays out for life … what could be better?!?  But since the only way we can award this prize is to find a matching winning number that’s returned on time, I urge you to get out there and get your entries in!  Check your email, visit our websites, play our apps … you get the idea.  Claim your numbers every day!  Any number could be the match we’re looking for and, even if it’s not, you could still become a $1 million winner if we go to our second chance drawing! 

Sure, it’s not as big as the Turn Back Time Prize, but you could definitely “turn back time” with an extra million in your pocket!  You could “rewind” your debt back down to zero … or “turn back” the clock by visiting relatives in another time zone! With $1 Million you could even “turn back” to those mortgage- free days of childhood and pay off your home!

And, I think you’d agree that $1,000,000.00 is a million times better than nothing at all!

So whether you’d be happier with a Turn Back Time fortune, or $1 Million you can turn back time with, enter daily and you could become our Special Early Look Prize Event Winner in no time!

Good Luck,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative


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