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3 Tips To Add To Your Tri Peaks Solitaire Strategy

Playing games is fun, winning games is better. And at PCHgames, you’ll find incredibly fun and free games that you could win, like Tri Peaks Solitaire.

Maybe some of you are already great players. But if anyone is looking for a new Tri Peaks Solitaire strategy, here are three tips that might help improve your score:

1) Ignore Colors

Unlike normal solitaire, you can match a card with a card of the same color; the only thing that matters is the card’s number. This cuts time spent finding matches, and you’ll want to have every second given to you.

You only have five minutes, and if you don’t make a move within four seconds, you’ll lose three points! So focus only on those numbers.

2) Go High and Low

You don’t have to move in one direction with Tri Peaks Solitaire . You can play cards that are both one higher AND one lower than the current card on the discard pile. Look out for aces! They’re perfect for this sort of thing.

This technique works best when you see a few cards that are a number or two apart. You could go from a 5 card to a 6 card to a 7 card, then back to a 6 card, then back to a 7 card. Phew… How big of a combination can you string together?

3) Concentrate!

This is a two-part tip. Tri Peaks Solitaire is such a quick, fast game that you need to concentrate on the games. But you should also concentrate your moves in certain areas of the board. The cards faced down will only be revealed once all cards before them are used in each peak. So try and avoid sporadically clearing cards and work to clear one line of shown cards at a time.

These are just my tips… but I’ve improved my score by adding them to my Tri Peaks Solitaire strategy!

Can you beat my Tri Peaks Solitaire Score?

But the surest way to score higher is to play! The more you play, the better you’ll become and the higher you’ll score. Plus, you’ll rack up Tokens! What will your high score be? Play Tri Peaks Solitaire now and find out!

Joe W
PCH Creative


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