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Publishers Clearing House Makes Quite The Debut On Jeopardy!

Who knows the question to this answer? “This company’s first mailers in 1953 offered 20 different magazine subscriptions – prizes came 14 years later”.

Here at Publishers Clearing House, we just LOVE when our name is referenced on television shows, movies, and game shows! We’ve been the topic of conversation many times in the past – and each time, we as a company are thrilled and delighted to be such a well-known household name!

Something I’m absolutely ecstatic to share with all of you is that Publishers Clearing House was featured as the answer for the Final Jeopardy! question in the category Business & Industry in the episode that aired yesterday, January 24th at 7:00 PM ET! It never gets old to see our name in lights, just like it never gets old making winners’ dreams come true. If you didn’t catch the awesome clip on television last night, then today is your lucky day because we have the clip right here!

WOW – how cool was that! Let us know if YOU caught it on television, and if YOU got the question right in the comments section below.

PCH Fun Fact: Publishers Clearing House has a winner every 5 minutes! So exciting isn’t it? Get YOUR entries in and maybe YOU will be a PCH winner sooner than you think!

Best of luck!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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