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Mouthwatering Warm Winter Recipes From PCHSearch&Win!

Hello PCH fans!

It’s cold, it’s snowy and everything outside seems gray and dull. Winter is in full swing and while we can sit here and count the weeks until spring, unfortunately it won’t make the cold weather go away any faster. Winter doesn’t have to be all bad though. Actually one of my absolute favorite things to do in the winter is to break out my slow cooker and start making some delicious, hearty and warm winter recipes!

If you haven’t guessed by now I really enjoy cooking. I love nothing more than being snowed in with a stocked pantry and fridge and just spending time in my kitchen trying out all these delicious recipes I keep finding on PCHSearch&Win. Well, I got my wish a few weeks ago when we got hit with our first blizzard of the season! I woke up, saw the snow and decided that it was time to start cooking before I had to brave the weather to shovel myself out.

I’ve tried so many slow cooker recipes in the past that were all so delicious, but I really wanted to try out something new this time. I had plenty of ingredients in my house so I logged on to PCHSearch&Win and started my search by using my ingredients. After a few minutes, I found this delicious recipe for chicken and dumpling stew that was quick (only 4 hours!) and only used a few ingredients.

My first step was to prep all my ingredients and thaw out my frozen chicken. I chopped all the necessary vegetables, mixed together the chicken broth and flour and assembled everything into my slow cooker as instructed by the recipe. Once all my ingredients were together my prep work was done!

I turned my slow cooker on high and let it do its work! In just an hour I could smell how delicious this meal was going to turn out. The longer it cooked the better it smelled! I seriously could not wait to dig into this meal!

As you can see, this turned out pretty delicious! I think my favorite part of the whole recipe was the dumplings. They were so easy to make (just a few simple ingredients) but they held all the taste of the seasonings and the chicken so they were extra delicious! This one was an absolute win, especially after spending two hours outside shoveling! And of course, I couldn’t have made this tasty meal without the help of PCHSearch&Win.

So fans, what are some of your favorite recipes? Have you recently made anything that was so out of this world spectacular that you are dying to share it with someone? Comment below and share some of your tasty ideas with us! We love hearing from you!

Happy Cooking!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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