The Prize Patrol Looks Forward To The “Forever” Prize!

They say that nothing lasts forever, but the Prize Patrol would disagree! The excitement of winning a “Forever” Prize ($5,000.00 A Week For Life, and then after that, $5,000.00 A Week for Life to a loved one) lasts more than a fleeting moment. If you were to win, that feeling would probably last for as long as you lived … and that may as well be “Forever”!

This excitement isn’t just for people like you, who are entering and hoping that they win with our upcoming guaranteed prize award. The Prize Patrol themselves are getting so excited about this huge giveaway, that they wanted to share their excitement with you!

It’s often said that the Prize Patrol has one of the best jobs in the world, and I don’t think they’d disagree. Flying around the country and handing out life-changing prizes isn’t anything to sneeze at! But instead of just guessing about what it feels like, I checked in with the Prize Patrollers at our PCH Headquarters to ask them how they felt about giving away this upcoming “Forever” Prize.  My first stop was the office of Todd Sloane, one of the founders of the Prize Patrol. And although he’s always super busy, Todd always makes himself available for a quick chat.

Todd said: It’s great to be able to be there when someone realizes that their life is going to be changed in such a major way! I can’t wait to see our winner’s face. I’m sure I’ll remember it “forever!”

I’m sure Todd has seen many MANY faces of winners, and when he’s helping to put together our TV commercials, I’m sure he sees them many times in a row. But I certainly believe him when he says this next winner will stand out. Can you imagine looking at someone when they won $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”? Their face would be priceless. If you were to become the winner, you’d just have to look in the mirror!

Then I asked Danielle Lam what she thought, and she said, “Getting a $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” prize not only impacts one person’s life, but it also has a big effect on their next generation, too! Being able to set up a legacy like that for your loved ones always warms my heart.”

I’m glad Danielle brought this up. Knowing that a family’s financial future is going to be provided for is incredible, and highly emotional! It truly is an event that will change the course of a family’s life forever. So inspiring!

Then I asked Howie Guja.  Howie loves going on the road, and he had this to say:

“I can’t wait to find out where our next “Forever” prize winner comes from! Our winners always end up being such great people, and I know that it’s not just that person winning, but it’s also going to put a smile on the face of everyone in their community!”

Howie’s right – whenever I’ve traveled to the town where one of our big winners comes from, you’d almost think that everyone in the city limits was a winner too! I think there’s just something about seeing a neighbor have their dreams come true that’s inspiring for you, too!

The Prize Patrol really should be excited – our big winning moment is guaranteed to be happening soon … and all of the excitement could be about YOU, if you are selected the winner. But don’t forget, you only have a chance to win if you’re actually an entrant, so make sure you head over to today! You have to be in it to win it!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  If you won $5,000.00 A Week “Forever,” whom would you want to pass the legacy on down to? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. Find me at home 🏡 Front door🚪I’m waiting patiently pch prize Patrol to arrive straight to me❤💪👑👩‍👦🙌🙏🤩⚓👀🍀🌈✈ Hawaii, Maui🏟

  2. I would pass the legacy to my 2 kids, they deserve it so much. My 18 yr old daughter who is so smart, a straight A student who is graduating high school this year and hopefully she decides to go to New York and study where they are asking for her, and my son who is 10 yrs old a smart kid a little on the wild side lol but he’s a great kid. They recently lost their mother my wife last year in September. It really hurt my son they were so close she loved him so much and so did he he was momma’s boy lol, it’s even more hard for them since they live with their grandmother because there’s no room for them at my parent’s house in a time like this when they should be with me, and that’s why I am trying to win to have them where they belong with me get a home for us a car and send my daughter to a great school wherever she wants to go and study and help son my with his situation and move forward in life and that’s who I would leave my legacy too. My kids.

  3. I drink my coffee strong and black… How would you guys like yours? Just curious… so I can have it all prepared for you when you arrive at my house on the 27th!!!

  4. Come to my house in Wichita falls to the florist is on jacksboro hey and ya can stay at econo lodge .

  5. My sister Danielle Marie Stewart so she could split it between my children as well as donate to the homeless. She is currently living in the woods and getting people together to clean up the city an much more. She has made a difference in her community and I would love to help her helps others as I too was homeless not long ago. It’s not easy……by God’s grace I’m in housing now. I pray for anyone that is without. Have faith, this to shall pass!!!

  6. I would pass it down to my son Christopher and daughter Carlie and my youngest daughter Hope. My kids mean so much to me. I haven’t seen my son in 11 years. I dream to see him one day as he is 14 now. We would need a bigger house for sure. I would pass the dream house to them. I love you guys and I would donate to the homeless shelters as well as my sister Danielle as she had made such a big impact on the community being homeless herself while trying to make a difference. She is amazing and I was homeless not long ago and I’m in low income housing right now but I’d donate to help them as I understand. It’s not easy starting with nothing but I will help build homes or do what it takes to make sure we get those beautiful lost souls in a safe warm home too.