Check Out What Our January PCH Token Exchange Winners Won!

Do you have stacks of tokens piling up from playing all the great games PCH has to offer? Whether you are saving them up for something that really catches your eye, or are just trying to bank as many as you can, you should know that we have some really FABULOUS prizes waiting over at our PCH Token Exchange! The best part is that not only is it fun to “redeem” your tokens for a chance to go for some pretty cool prizes, but it’s also SUPER easy.

You know how much we enjoy turning our loyal fans into big PCH winners, so naturally I am excited to share some of the amazing prizes that were taken home by loyal PCH game players just like YOU!

Don’t believe me? Well let’s have a look at some of our newest PCH winners from the Token Exchange for the month of January.

WOW! Can you believe these amazing prizes? Some lucky folks got to ring in the new year with gift cards to some of their favorite stores, cash prizes, electronics, personal coffee makers and even a Kindle Fire tablet!

So, what are you waiting for? Your name could appear on this list next month, as long as you keep visiting and playing all of our exciting word games, strategy games and more. You can even rack up some more tokens by playing the always exciting PCHlotto.

Really, you have EVERYTHING to win and NOTHING to lose! So get started right now and see just how many tokens you can rack up.

Happy Gaming!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative


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  1. I never seen the winner for the 15 inch Mac Pro for February 18, 2018. I checked everyday on the list and seen nothing, but I did see the 15 inch Mac Pro back on for entries for the month of March 2018. Why is that?

  2. Giveaway #11203, 1 entry = 500 tokens. Invested 36,741 entries. 36741 x 500= 18,370,500 tokens. Guaranteed winner for 18FEB2018 not on list of winners? Who won?

  3. Thank you for posting this list. I am also wondering how the winner of a prize in determined on the PCH Token Exchange? There was an item that I put in millions of tokens in and that item disappeared before the drawing date and noticed that item was not in this list. I would love for someone to explain that.

    1. Hi Douglass, that’s a great question! If your entry is selected as the winner in the random drawing for that promotional period from among all eligible entries in the sweepstakes you have entered, you will be notified via e-mail from If the prize is no longer on the page, it means that submission of entries is done and the draw will be conducted any time soon. For more information on redeeming tokens, check out this FAQ: Have a wonderful day!

      1. I am still very curious to see if there is a winner for that item (Gwy.#11202) for January 18, 2018. Once again, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to win free items with tokens. It is just nice to at least see that someone won the item which encourages me to continue earning tokens and trying again. Thank you.

    2. It seems the same thing is happening this month also. I am unable to determine the winner of the McDonalds $50 gift card and I invested 2 and a half million tokens for this…… just disappeared just after the drawing was suppose to take place.

  4. I been playing everything and entering everything everyday. I hope to see my name on there next it would be nice. Congrats! to all the winners.

  5. It is SO EASY racking up the free tokens-and grabbing even MORE tokens with the PCH APPS!!! Man, the prizes are SO COOL!!! Rock On PCH, ROCK ON!!!???????