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Check Out What Our January PCH Token Exchange Winners Won!

Do you have stacks of tokens piling up from playing all the great games PCH has to offer? Whether you are saving them up for something that really catches your eye, or are just trying to bank as many as you can, you should know that we have some really FABULOUS prizes waiting over at our PCH Token Exchange! The best part is that not only is it fun to “redeem” your tokens for a chance to go for some pretty cool prizes, but it’s also SUPER easy.

You know how much we enjoy turning our loyal fans into big PCH winners, so naturally I am excited to share some of the amazing prizes that were taken home by loyal PCH game players just like YOU!

Don’t believe me? Well let’s have a look at some of our newest PCH winners from the Token Exchange for the month of January.

WOW! Can you believe these amazing prizes? Some lucky folks got to ring in the new year with gift cards to some of their favorite stores, cash prizes, electronics, personal coffee makers and even a Kindle Fire tablet!

So, what are you waiting for? Your name could appear on this list next month, as long as you keep visiting and playing all of our exciting word games, strategy games and more. You can even rack up some more tokens by playing the always exciting PCHlotto.

Really, you have EVERYTHING to win and NOTHING to lose! So get started right now and see just how many tokens you can rack up.

Happy Gaming!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative


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