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Score Double Tokens In The PCHlotto App!

Have you ever been bored while scrolling through your phone?

Phone boredom is an unfortunate reality, and since people generally use their phones when they’re taking a break, relaxing, and just want to have a good time… there’s no sense being bored when phone fun is just a download away. Why not download the PCHlotto app and start having fun ASAP!

The PCHlotto App delivers fun with every click! Best yet, you’ll score DOUBLE TOKENS! That’s right! If you love scoring tokens, then you’ll love scoring DOUBLE TOKENS once you’ve downloaded the PCHlotto App!

Want more amazing reasons to download the PCHlotto app? Here they are:

  • Right on the PCHlotto app, you’ll have easy access to your favorite PCHlotto cards you know and love!
  • Pick your Power Number on the PCHlotto app, JUST like you would on the PCHlotto website!
  • Picking your lotto numbers is easy and fun on the PCHlotto app! Simply press and pick lotto numbers right on the home screen!
  • Check out the “Did You Win?” section daily! By doing so, you’ll find out if you have the winning numbers of the day!
  • Exclusive giveaways will be right at your fingertips on the PCHlotto App – there’s SO MUCH TO WIN!
  • AND OF COURSE… Log in and pick your numbers on the PCHlotto app, and you’ll be entered to win prizes! Enter to win hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars!
  • AND REMEMBER… you will score DOUBLE TOKENS in the PCHlotto App!

See what we mean?! Download the PCHlotto app and you could avoid boredom for hours, while also scoring double tokens and entering to win amazing prizes!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the PCHlotto app on your Android or iPhone, play your numbers right, and score double tokens TODAY! And don’t forget… stay in it to win it!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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