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Win Money Towards a High-End Laptop!

If you want a chance to become a winner in a top of the line laptop giveaway, you’ll want to read this blog in its entirety! There’s more on that, and how it ties into winning at Publishers Clearing House, in just a minute! Keep reading!

Have you heard about the Publishers Clearing House Token Exchange? It’s the place to turn over your tokens in exchange for chances to win fantastic prizes. If you haven’t already gotten started, sign up and start playing our fantastic token games NOW on or . You can also earn tokens by searching at PCHSearch&Win PLUS get a daily entry into the PCH SuperPrize after logging in! And don’t forget, you can also earn tokens by enjoying late-breaking news stories and fascinating features at PCHFrontpage!

So back to that laptop — when I was looking at the list of things available for you to win right now, I got excited when I saw what was on the list: $750 toward a top of the line laptop! And the last day to enter to win this giveaway is March 31st– just a couple days away!

You should act quickly, because you can get a pretty great machine for that money, and it’s a smart use of your tokens. As a Publishers Clearing House employee, I can’t ever win anything from our sweepstakes or other drawings. When you work here as long as I have (over ten years!), you get used to it…but today was the first time in a long time that I got really jealous!

Why? Because there’s so much you can do with a really good laptop. In fact, the last few months I was doing research on just this very thing, and since I can’t possibly win this, I’ll share what I’ve learned!

First, you want a laptop with a good screen! What’s the use of looking at something all day if it doesn’t look good, right? Whether you’re watching videos, playing games or writing blog posts, a good screen can help a lot! I love watching Inside PCH on the laptop screens we have here in the office.

Next, you need some speed! A processor with some real kick, and enough memory to let you do multiple things at once. Whether you’re playing PCHslots games or checking your PCHlotto numbers, or both at the same time, you’ll need a quick machine to get as much done as you can–multitasking is key!

And if you’re like me, typing is a big part of using a laptop! The keyboard is super important, especially for reading and commenting on the PCH Blog!

So that’s all of the cool things you can do with a top of the line laptop! I’m so jealous that you could get a chance to win something as awesome as this! Would you want yours sliver? Black? With glowing lights or another fun color?

And even if you do win the laptop, make sure you keep entering so you can win money to buy accessories! You’ll need a good case to bring it with you, and money to buy games or other software! So keep going!

I hope this opened your eyes to the winning opportunities available at the Token Exchange. And enter today – this opportunity is going fast!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – What are some of your favorite ways to earn tokens? Tell us in the comments below!

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