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Get Springtime Ready With PCHSearch&Win!

Spring has finally sprung! Even though we’ve gotten hit with a few springtime snowstorms here at PCH headquarters, the snow is melting away and we’re slowly starting to warm up. Soon enough we’ll have those gorgeous sunny days back and it’ll really feel like springtime. I’ve always loved this time of year because it gives me a feeling of starting new. I especially love seeing all the flowers and trees bloom! In fact, I think my favorite part of spring is when it comes time to plant! Every year I look forward to planting my springtime garden, and luckily PCHSearch&Win is a super handy tool when it comes to making sure you have everything you need to get started!

So, where do I begin with my garden planting? Well, my first thing is to hit the store once the outdoor nurseries open, and stock up on some plants, soil and anything else I may need to get myself started. Last year was my first year planting a garden in my new home, so luckily this year should be a little less startup work! I already have my spot picked out in my yard and once I choose my plants I’ll be ready to go. Before I head to the store, though, I always compare costs on all my gardening supplies to make sure I’m getting the best prices. Of course, I always head right over to PCHSearch&Win to scope out the best deals. Last year I found such amazing deals that I can’t wait to see what pops up this year!

Last year I started out small with just a few plants. I absolutely love vegetables, and nothing beats the taste of homegrown. Since it was the first garden I’ve planted in this yard, I decided to start small. I picked a good spot on the side of my house that gets both sun and shade, and I made sure it was in a place I could water daily. I carved out a small section, put a small fence around it and got started planting. I must have picked an amazing spot because by the summer my garden was flourishing! I had such an abundance of tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, basil and more!


Once I saw my vegetable garden doing so well, I decided it was time for another project. I have a vacant corner in the far side of my yard that has always looked a bit empty to me. I started thinking and headed over to PCHSearch&Win to look for corner gardening ideas. I got so many results, but one in particular caught my eye. It was a beautiful garden setup with some potted plants, a few paving stones and a gorgeous black metal trellis. I immediately looked for supplies online at my local nursery, headed over and purchased what I need. It was a definitely a project (it took me quite a few hours) but I love how it came out.

So, PCH fans, what are you most looking forward to this spring? Are you an avid gardener like I am? If not, then maybe you enjoy just being outdoors in general. Whatever your springtime escape is, you can be sure that PCHSearch&Win has some great ideas to help you enjoy your favorite activities even more. Oh, and don’t forget that just by searching for all the things you love, your first search of the day automatically gains you entry into the FABULOUS PCH sweepstakes. You also get a shot at some pretty spectacular INSTANT win prizes. Doesn’t sound too bad now, does it? Hurry up and log on right now!

Happy Spring!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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