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It’s PCH VIP Private Access Week!

VIP PRIVATE ACCESS WEEK STARTS TODAY! That’s right; as you read this very blog post on Monday April 9th, VIP Private Access Week is currently occurring! And what a great week we have ahead of us. Did you know that there is a prize opportunity for PCH VIPs and PCH VIP Elites EVERY DAY of this week? Well, now you know!!

Yes, there will be one cash prize every day of PCH Private Access Week. And what’s MORE is that the prize amounts for VIP Elite prizes are DOUBLE those offered to VIPs! Yes, each day of VIP Private Access Week, the prizes just keep growing more and more! So, as you can tell, loyalty could really pay off!! PCH recognizes dedication and loyalty, that’s for sure!

Already a PCH VIP or a PCHVIP Elite? Great! Keep an eye on your inbox and you’ll receive all the amazing prize opportunities in our PCH notices. We’ll show you how PCH continues to appreciate your loyalty and dedication by granting you access to exclusive prize opportunities and events, like this one!

Not yet a VIP or VIP Elite? Well, this is a great reason to keep entering to win every day – keep playing, searching, entering, and more and you’ll ultimately achieve PCH VIP status or even PCH VIP Elite status! Then, once you become a VIP and VIP Elite, you can participate in awesome events, like this one!

Stay in it to win it and simply by entering to win every way you can, you will become eligible to win incredible PCH Prizes! Keep playing and with dedication, you will work your way up to VIP and VIP Elite status to earn access to exclusive prizes that only VIP and VIP Elites are eligible for, like those offered during this VIP Private Access Week!

And as we said earlier right here in this blog post, if you’re already a VIP and VIP Elite, congratulations! Starting today, keep an eye on your inbox for incredible ways that you could win during our incredible VIP Private Access Week!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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