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Last Day To Enter For A $250 Target Gift Card!

Have you seen that popular trending meme that says, “I went into Target for one thing,” and shows an image of a women with an overflowing shopping cart? Well, I think, and I bet most of you agree, that that meme is right on “target!” So, a $250 Target gift card sure would come in handy, right?  That’s why I want to make sure everyone gets IN TO WIN, because today is the LAST DAY TO ENTER FOR A $250 TARGET GIFT CARD!

Have you guys entered to win yet? Are you a Target fan? I am, and I often do some serious damage there. I bet most of you do, too. I mean, it’s got everything – stuff you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it! Now throw Target online into the mix, and I can go to shop without leaving my house! I love shopping online! In fact, I just read a recent Target survey and it stated that they get an average of 1.2 million daily visitors! That’s HUGE! Do you prefer to shop in-store or online?

Some of my favorite Target items include their growing line of organic and vegan cosmetics. This stuff is right up my alley. My cart is usually filled with skincare and haircare items. I just can’t help myself – I love them. They have a lot of cool and affordable options for the eco-shopper. What usually winds up in your cart?

$250 bucks can go pretty far in Target, so it makes total sense for you to go for this extremely practical prize! All you need to do is head on over to the Token Exchange and redeem your tokens for entry. You’ll see a page that looks like the image above. It’s 1,500 tokens per entry, and you’ll be IN TO WIN! But again … today is the last day to enter this sweeps (Gwy. No. 11196), and tomorrow is the award date, so make sure you enter before the day’s up (11:59 PM, ET)!

So, tell me – have you entered to win yet? And if you do win, what cool stuff with be in YOUR shopping cart?

Good Luck!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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