PCH Big Check Drops In With Special Early Look Results!

Hellooooo Blog Readers,

It’s me, Lucky Windfall, the PCH Big Check ! I’m sorry, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written to you here on the Blog, but with the Special Early Look Results announced, I just had to drop in and give you the inside scoop!

And, as you can see in the picture above, I’m practicing my big PRIZE DROP as we speak for our delivery tomorrow, when the Prize Patrol and I surprise our newest PCH Millionaire!

 We’re Making Another PCH Millionaire – Think It Will It Be YOU?

It’s true!  When I first heard there was no match to the winning number this time, my friends, I have to tell you… my zeros sunk right into my payline!  No matching winning number?!?  What’s a PCH Big Check to do?!?  So, I crossed my dollars signs and hoped with all hope that would still make someone a winner!  And yes – my wish was granted!  Since PCH loves making millionaires, we’re still giving away $1,000,000.00 tomorrow, thanks to our special early look prize event! 

 YES, I could be dropping in and surprising you — TOMORROW!

Ooh, it’s so hard to keep my payline straight when I think about who our new winner will be!  Imagine, in less than 48 hours, I’ll get to surprise our newest SuperPrize Winner for the very first time!  And, that’s one of my favorite parts of being on the Prize Patrol… the SURPRISE!

Like when we surprised Betty Patchett who was almost speechless when she saw me and my buddy Billy Bonuscheck coming her way!

And Eva Heatley who we surprised with ONE MILLION DOLLARS on her wedding anniversary (don’t repeat this, Blog friends, but she MAY have hugged me even tighter than her husband that day!).

Oh, the surprise reactions of our winners is just so exciting!  Their smiles make my seal shine bright – and to think without a Special Early Look like this one – none of these surprises would have been possible!

Would YOU be as surprised as these two were to WIN BIG?

Some winners say they knew all along that they were going to see me at their door and others haven’t even thought about where they’d put me yet when I show up (believe me, there have been many times when I’ve had to spend the first night ON THE COUCH after a big prize award)!  What about you?  Would you have a spot for a BIG CHECK like me at your house?

I’ve gotta get back to practicing my drop-ins… so, let me know below if you’d be ready to see me at your door wearing that big $1 MILLION PRIZE tomorrow!  I’ll look forward to reading your comments on the road tomorrow, on our way to the big Winning Moment!

Good Luck,

Lucky Windfall
PCH Big Check

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  1. I would like the pch crew to showup at my house jus to meet you all with or without a prize lol.be safe out there on your journey and Happy Holidays

  2. I just started entering the PCH sweepstakes recently, very addicted to this, I start early morning till my phone freezes up.Also I’ve seen this on TV those people that has won. Not trying to sound like I deserve a pity party but I have great dreams of how to use this amount of money it doesn’t have to be a lot at least amount. I am disabled and raising our 6 yr. old son. My husband is the bread winner. Tries very hard to make bills are paid 1st of the month also other departments that a family of 3 needs . So there little left to take our son to see the NEW BUMBLEBEE MOVIE that he loves so much . So sorry to .wast your time on this small letter lol. I just can dream a great dream tonight and pray that it will be me. Thank and God Bless You