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Our PCHlotto State Of Play Event Is Ending!

ATTENTION PCH FANS! I hope you read this before it’s too late! We’re near the end of our PCHlotto State Of Play event, and over the next FOUR days we guarantee to award TEN $10,000 Cash Prizes!

That’s right – TEN! We know how much winning means to you, so we wanted to award cash to more than one person. We’re sweeping across the country to give Ten Lotto Players TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

How great would your Memorial Day Weekend be if you were to win $10,000? It’s going to get pretty good for the ten lucky players who have completed their PCHlotto State Of Play Card and are selected winners. So whether you have a vacation planned or are planning a big barbecue, make sure you get in to win one of these TEN $10,000 Cash Prizes.

If you want to be one of those lucky winners, here’s what you should do: Head to PCHlotto now and play the $10k State Of Play Card!

It doesn’t get much easier to get in to win $10,000. All you have to do is pick 7 numbers and your name could be selected as the $10,000 Cash Prize winner! And if picking 7 numbers sounds too daunting during your busy weekend, just select QUICK PICK then hit SUBMIT.

That’s it! Click a few buttons, complete your $10k State Of Play Card, and you could win big! Not to mention, you can also play other cards that could win you MILLIONS. Our PowerPrize is currently over $2.7 Million, our MegaPrize is $2.5 Million, and we even have a card that could make you a millionaire TONIGHT!

We GUARANTEE to award TEN lotto players before this contest ends on May 31st. There’s no time to waste! Get to PCHlotto and play our $10,000 State Of Play now! You could win $10,000 in just days!

Good Luck!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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