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May Was A MARVELOUS Month In Winning at PCHSearch&Win!

Wow! May was an AMAZING Month in Winning – so many PCH fans became PCH winners and took home PCH prizes from PCHSearch&Win!

And we’re so excited to fill you in on some of the prize wins that occurred during the marvelous month of May! Like I said, so many PCH Fans brought home prize wins after staying it to win it at PCHSearch&Win. Yep, PCH fans, like you, entered to win BIG through PCHSearch&Win… and they found out that it paid off – they searched the web, entered to win, and received amazing PCH prizes!

Check it out – these people “MAY-de” the right choice by searching at PCHSearch&Win… and it led to winning PCH prizes!

How cool! PCHSearch&Win prize awards are exciting each and every Month in Winning! PCH winners take home some cool PCH prizes, and PCH gets to do our favorite thing ever: award prizes!

I’m sure if we were to ask these PCH Winners what their favorite part of May was, they’d probably say “winning at PCH!”

I asked around the office to ask some of my coworkers what their favorite part of May was… they had a lot of awesome answers!

My favorite part of May is celebrating a very extra special day during the month. Mother’s Day! Love you Mom!” – Jason I.

“My favorite part about May is that all of nature starts to awaken here in New York. The flowers start to bloom, the trees begin to get lush again, and everything just seems to come alive.” – Tina P.

Every year, the Tony nominations come out in May, and it starts a (metaphorical) fire within me to go to the theatre and see everything I can!” – Will F.

“My wedding anniversary, on May 26th. This year, it’ll be 27 years.– Debbie K.

May is a wonderful month for me and my family because it’s when we put our boat back in the water for the season! And to us, that means summer is right around the corner!” – Dillon S.

Want to know my favorite part of May? I went to a beautiful wedding in Upstate New York over Memorial Day Weekend. It was so much fun getting dressed up, dancing to party music, and congratulating the wonderful bride and groom!

Please tell us what your favorite part of May was in the comments section below! And who knows? Maybe in June, you could appear on our “Month in Winning” winners list, too!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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