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PCH Take Your Child To Work Day Was a Smiling Success!

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Kids love Publishers Clearing House just as much as their parents do? It’s true! The proof is in the pictures from PCH’s Take Your Child To Work Day this past April 26th. And why wouldn’t they love it?

Here at PCH, we’re all about playing games, having fun and winning prizes – and that’s exactly what the kids got to experience. All while going behind the scenes to see exactly what their parents do all day to create the PCH magic. What a blast!

You could actually feel the excitement as the day began with a hearty breakfast for the kids and their parents. Then, with full stomachs and a thirst for knowledge, the children marched up the stairs of our new Jericho, NY office to learn all about Digital Customer Marketing.

And what better way to learn than to become a VIP Elite for the day — our top sweepstakes participant status!

From there, the PCH Take Your Child To Work Day adventure continued with stops at Customer Service to see how we help our valued customers get the assistance they need and Social Media to learn all about keeping our fans happy, informed and engaged.

As VIP Elites, each kid earned fun stickers and souvenirs to stuff into their sacks at each stop along the way. But the good times didn’t end there… oh no, no, no!

I can still hear laughter filling the halls as our troop of giddy children made their way to the Game Zone. I’m talking about TWO big rooms filled with all kinds of mobile devices and laptops for playing PCH Games! You should’ve seen all the little fingers typing, tapping, and swiping away until it was time for lunch with their parents. PCH games always score big with kids, as you can imagine.

Finally, this very successful Take Your Child To Work Day ended with a tour of PCH’s state-of-the-art Video and Photo Studios where the kids all took part in a professional photo shoot before visiting our Ecommerce Shop. It was here that their VIP Elite status really paid off with fantastic prizes!

What a day to remember! There’s nothing like inspiring today’s bright young minds with new ideas for tomorrow. Each child got to pull back the PCH curtain to catch a glimpse at how a sweepstakes business works and learn what it means to value and take care of customers.

The best part about PCH’s Take Your Child To Work Day?

Children get to experience it with their parents; a real win-win! But don’t take my word for it. Check out this note from someone who got to enjoy it all firsthand… My beautiful 8-year-old daughter, Rosalie:

I “heart” Publishers Clearing House, too!

Fred P.
PCH Creative

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