PCH Has SO Many Different Prizes to Win – Don’t Miss Out!

Guys, we all know about Publishers Clearing House’s gigantic, millionaire-making SuperPrizes – like the $2,500.00 A Week “Forever” Prize that is guaranteed to be awarded in weeks. But I wanted to make sure that you’re aware of all the OTHER fantastic PCH Prizes up for grabs at any given moment.

Always Lots and Lots of BIG PCH Checks flying out the door!

Our Prize Patrol is constantly on the move, delighting lucky winners with dozens of pretty generous checks – not just the SuperPrizes you see on TV.

How BIG are those PCH checks? Well …

Then there are the umpteen “smaller” PCH Cash Prizes that winners say really come in handy …

We’re talking about PCH Prize windfalls of $10, $100, $150 – all the way up to $500.00! In the month of August ‘18 alone, PCH gave out over $8,000 in sweet PCH Cash Prizes like this!

And wouldn’t you enjoy FREE gift cards to your favorite retailers and restaurants?

Do you shop at Zappos, Cabela’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart and Bass Pro Shops? Do you enjoy the tasty dishes at Chili’s, Ruby Tuesday and Applebee’s? AWESOME … because PCH hands out lots and lots of FREE Gift Cards from these and other famous companies all the time – valued at $5, $50, $200 … all the way up to $500.  They’re there for the winning … don’t you want yours?

And did I mention all the FREE Merchandise Prizes PCH hands out?

In the past couple of months, lucky winners took home fantastic FREE Prizes like a GPS Home System … a Cuisinart Espresso Maker … an iRobot Roomba 630 … a Kitchen Aid Mixer … a Samsung Galaxy … an Ion Air Purifier — and so much MORE seriously cool stuff that I would certainly like to win (alas, I can’t!).  But YOU can, so …

Get busy NOW to get in on all the Free PCH Prize Winning!

Come to PCH Games to try your hand at amusements like Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Mahjongg Shanghai Dragons and PCHmoneybaggz. You’ll have a blast while going for FREE PCH Prizes.

Or come play and go for FREE PCH Prizes at PCHlotto, PCHkeno, PCHslots and PCHblackjack.

Need an internet lookup? You can win FREE Instant PCH Prizes just for searching the Web at PCHSearch&Win. Then, check out the news, weather, videos and buzz at PCHfrontpage – another cool PCH “hangout” to enjoy while going for PCH Prizes like the ones I described above.

Don’t forget to go for “The Big One” that’s guaranteed to be awarded in weeks!

Would you like to win $2,500 A Week “Forever”  — $2,500 A Week for the winner’s lifetime, and after that, lifetime weekly payments continuing for someone dear?

Of COURSE you would! So visit us every single day and enter, Enter, ENTER. Someone will definitely get a visit from our Prize Patrol on October 26th … why not YOU?!

So, I hope I’ve made you aware of the vast PCH “universe” of FREE Prizes out there!  We’ll keep handing them out like hotcakes, 365 days a year, to folks in every state – and I want YOU to take advantage of every Free-to-enter chance to win them!

Go ahead … enter already!

Your PCH Pal,

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  1. You send me all these emails to play and win and enter. But can’t ever play most of them because tokens stay in,loading mode so nothing gets submitted. So no chance to win anything

  2. I can understand that it may get discouraging at times. Keep in mind that we do receive millions of entries, but only one person can win each giveaway. However, every entry has the same fair chance and all winners are randomly selected. There’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next so I encourage you to keep trying. We appreciate your ongoing loyalty thus far and hope to see you continue to try your luck! To see all of your entry options, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  3. I’m claiming Gwy# 10079, Gwy#11936,Gwy#11475,Gwy#10074,
    Gwy#1800 and Gwy#1100..
    My days are full of living the dream.
    My hope is to win it all so I can live my dreams to the fullest.

  4. So far this month you haven’t shown who won the $500 walmart card and $250 cash card on these token redemption contests. I spent millions of tokens on these and PCH promises they will announce the winners of these token redemption contests same day guaranteed then don’t so far this month. You had this problem before then fixed it. Is anyone even winning these high value debit cards? So I guess you won’t be announcing the $500 cash card winner either but will show who won a $50 Mcdonald’s debit card. Something seems shady here that you show the small value winners but not the larger ones.