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Last Chance to Enter to Win $2,500.00 A Week “Forever”!

Good morning, hopeful entrants! It seems like it was only just yesterday that we let you know that it was your chance to enter to win our incredible $2,500.00 A Week “Forever” Prize! This  event is DEFINITELY happening on October 26th and we’ve been telling you all about it for quite a while now.

Well today is the day you should have been thinking about, because it is now the LAST day you can enter to win!

That’s correct, no more entries will be valid after today’s date. The clock is ticking! And since no one knows which entry will be randomly selected as the winning entry, it’s entirely possible that an entry that is timely received today could go on to be the one that changes someone’s life…”Forever”!

What is our $2,500.00 A Week “Forever” Prize? It’s $2,500.00 A Week For Life to the winner and then after that, $2,500.00 A Week For Life to a beneficiary the winner chooses! It’s a real legacy-making prize…but time is running out to make sure you’re using every chance you get!

If you haven’t entered yet, it’s super-simple. All you need to do is to register at and follow the path through to your entry! But at PCH, it doesn’t stop there. There’s many ways to enter to win — why just yesterday, my colleague Marybeth gave you 7 ways you can enter in an awesome post on the blog!

So please, enter today. In the event that your entry isn’t selected the winner, I’d hate for you to always be wondering “would I have maybe won if I entered that last day, on October 23rd?” Don’t let that regret sit with you forever…INSTEAD, enter to win “Forever” from our $2,500.00 A Week “Forever” guaranteed prize award on October 26th!

October 26th is just a few short days away, and someone’s life is going to be changed forever when the Prize Patrol shows up to their home with that Big Check. Make sure you’re “in it to win it” and get your last entries in today…you won’t regret it!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What would you do with the money if you won? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. If I win the money i would open up homes for children that not housed and give them an opportunity to learn and get their education while teaching them about God and his Angels