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Hi all! Just a brief preface … the blog team absolutely LOVES reading the fan comments that you all leave on our blog posts! They are so much fun to read, and we just love the kindness and positivity that radiates from them! What a lot of you may not know though, is that we love to take questions from the comments and turn them into blog posts! This time around, we wanted to address a comment that one fan made recently, where they asked why they never see PCH big winners in the local news. Well, I am here to de-bunk this question and give you guys some answers!

I can tell you firsthand, as a PCH employee and as one of the people who collect and file the articles about PCH big winners in the local news, I see local media covering PCH winning stories all the time! In fact, one of my specific jobs here at PCH is to notify any local media when there is a winner in a specific town or city. We like to do this because we believe (and I’m sure you can agree) that the news these days is so sad and covers too many negative stories! So, we like to inform local media to come out and witness the winning moment LIVE in their home towns, so they can cover the heartfelt and positive story and even interview the winners after they’ve won! It’s truly an amazing experience for the Prize Patrol, the winner, and the locals of the town – so why not invite the media to capture it all!?

I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite news coverage stories. Here is Raleigh Pitts’ winning moment and local news coverage! WOW, Raleigh was genuinely shocked that he was a PCH winner! And we think it’s so cool that the local media came to capture this amazing moment! Another one of my recent favorites is when Diane Jehanian of Pennsylvania was surprised at work with a $1 Million check! There were multiple news channels there to cover the story, and as you can see – it was a thrilling winning moment! Watch here!

If you still don’t believe me, you can click this link, which showcases even MORE of PCH big winners in the local news that we’ve had over the years! We absolutely love when there are PCH big winners in the local news to help validate our brand and show those nay-sayers that PCH is REAL and we have REAL winners all the time!

Let us know in the comments below if I’ve accurately answered the question at hand! And let us know if you love seeing the PCH big winners in the local news!

Thanks for reading!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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  1. Why do you ask people to enter your Prize Giveaway to only find out the code is not accepted. Maybe you should check it out before sending the Alert. Wasted Time