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Meet Stefanie: Behind the Scenes with PCH’s New Senior Manager of Social!

Hi everyone! We’ve been very excited about our new blog installment where we highlight PCH employees and tell you a little bit about them and their day-to-day. Next up on the list, MEET STEFANIE, our new Senior Manager of Social Media! I sat down with Stefanie and asked her a few behind the scenes juicy questions about her personal life as well as her professional one. Keep reading to see what she had to say!

Dillon: Although you are fairly new at PCH, what’s your favorite part about working here so far?

Stefanie: I love that I get the opportunity to learn something new every day, collaborate with so many different departments, and work alongside such talented people. I also feel good about being a part of a company that has the power to change lives.

Dillon: What does a day in the life of Stefanie look like?

Stefanie: My day starts off with a coffee and a podcast on my drive to work. During the work day, I analyze the daily and weekly social media insights, participate in brainstorming meetings, and work with the social media team to develop and implement new strategies. Most recently, I’m working on a digital influencer campaign to promote the Outdoor Adventure Vacation Sweepstakes that’s launching in mid-November.

Dillon: What’s the best part of your day?

Stefanie: Eating dinner on the couch and watching TV (preferably The Bachelor) with my husband. ?

Dillon: PCH is obviously well-known for awarding tons of money and selling great merchandise, but what’s one thing you didn’t know about PCH that you learned just by working here?

Stefanie: PCH offers such a broad range of products and is so much more than the “big checks” you see on TV. There’s a seemingly endless amount of opportunities to win outside of the main SuperPrize and always something new launching to keep users entertained.

Dillon: What would you tell people that haven’t entered, or have entered but haven’t won yet?

Stefanie: There’s literally nothing to lose to play. Unlike the state lotteries, entering at PCH is completely free. But the only way you have a shot at winning is if you enter.

Well, folks, you read it here first! I hope you got to know Stefanie a little bit better by reading along this interview. PCH is really looking forward to having Stefanie here to help make our social media campaigns ever better than they already are! Let us know if you enjoyed reading about Stefanie in the comments below!


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