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How To Make Money Fast!

I bet that just about everyone at some point has wondered how to make money fast. But with so many “get rich quick” schemes, many of us are afraid to trust our money in someone else’s hands. Well, we know a 100% legitimate and trustworthy source to go for FAST CASH – at PCH, of course!

Our fans already know that there are so many ways to make money fast at PCH, but we want to make sure everyone realizes it. It’s also worth mentioning that YOU NEVER HAVE TO PAY to enter any sweepstake at PCH, unlike other contests outside of PCH. Here are just a few ways on how to make money fast:

Instant Win Games

PCH has so many fun instant-win games that the hardest part will be choosing which one to play – AND you can win up to $1,000.00 in one shot!

Scratch Offs

Like instant-win games, scratch offs are another great option on how to make money fast – AND you can win up to $2,500.00!


Our sweepstakes page is a sight to behold. While not all sweeps are instant-win, they’re still a great option – AND you can win MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.


Obviously, we want our fans to win money; and you can do so on every PCH property – but I think PCHlotto deserves its own shout-out. Playing your Lotto cards is a great option for how to make money fast. With super fun instant-win cards like Set For Life, Tick Tac Go, Bingo Bucks and more, you just can’t go wrong – even if you don’t win, you’ll  have tons of fun trying. Plus, there are lots of other ways to win money on PCHlotto – let’s not forget the famous PowerPrize, where you can win MILLIONS, and many other fun cards!

The SuperPrize

The SuperPrize is the creme de la crème of sweepstakes, and it’s a must to enter. It’s not instant win, but if you win this baby, it could change your life forever.

For even more ideas, check out this cool blog post that lists some ways to make extra money!

Basically, it would take all day to list all the ways on how to make money fast at PCH, but I think you get the picture. What ways have you use to win money at PCH? Please feel free to share your personal stories in the comments below! And make sure you spread the word on PCH. Tell your family and friends, post it on social media, etc. and let everyone know that Publishers Clearing House is the perfect choice on how to make money fast!

Now go get’m and good luck!

Tina P
Online Creative



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