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What’s On Your Weekend To-Do List?

It’s finally Friday, PCH fans! I think most of you would agree Friday is always the most favorite day of the week, mostly because it’s time to put aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get ready to enjoy some relaxing (and fun!) weekend vibes. Personally, I like to get every last second out of my weekends. Most of the time, that involves planning out a weekend “to-do” list to make sure I’m getting everything I want (and need) done!

So, what’s some of the stuff I have planned out on my “to-do” list? Well, a lot of running around, that’s for sure! Since I have such a busy schedule here at PCH I tend to work, go home and eat, go to the gym then go to sleep during the week. That doesn’t leave much time to get any errands done or see friends and family. That being said, my “to-do” list is usually filled with a mix of errands and some fun stuff too! I like to use Saturdays as my day to have fun and get stuff done, and my Sundays are for relaxing and having brunch or dinner with the people I love.

So, fans, what does your “to-do” list look like? If nothing else, there should be one VERY important item on the top of ALL of your lists! Can’t guess what that might be? Well, I will give you a hint. It involves just a few minutes of time and the payoff could be HUGE!

Give up? Well the answer is of course ENTERING THE PCH SWEEPSTAKES! Imagine that just a few minutes of your time during the weekend (actually, EVERY DAY!) could lead you to becoming a winner of one of our life-changing prizes!

So, take a few minutes and make sure that “entering PCH” is on the top of your “to-do” list this weekend. It’s so easy to enter at, on any of our properties, our app and more! If you haven’t entered today what are you waiting for?

This might just be the BEST thing you’ve checked off your “to-do” list yet! Opportunity awaits!

Good Luck,
Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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