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November Token Exchange Winners!

The month of November was filled with big feasts, shopping sprees, and WINNING! How did you celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and just the long weekend? Did you eat dinner with loved ones? Did you shop online or at a mall? Did you relax on the couch and read a good book? Well, whatever you were up to, we hope you had a good one!

Now, while fun was being had and food was being eaten, PCH was awarding prizes to token exchange winners! That’s right, PCH fans played incredible games and racked up SO MANY tokens, then exchanged their tokens for a chance to win cash! And A LOT of these PCH fans won that cash in the PCH Token Exchange this November!

Take a look at the November PCH Token Exchange Winners list RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Yes, right here in this very blog post, you’ll see a list of winners that found out that scoring tokens through PCH’s Token Exchange paid off with PRIZE WINS!

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See?! WOW, WHAT AN AMAZING LIST! There were so many amazing PCH Token Exchange prize winners this past month of November! Yep, isn’t it amazing that in the month of November, a bunch of our PCH fans won prizes through our PCH Rewards Token Exchange?! Yes, it is amazing!

You see, PCH Fans searched at PCHSearch&Win, played over at PCHgames, and stayed in to win on the PCHApp on both iPhone and Android!

Do you want to hear some great news? PCH fans like YOU can get in to win during December’s PCH Token Exchange – and you could WIN CASH NEXT MONTH! Will you be celebrated along with many of the other PCH Token Exchange Winners? Just start racking up those tokens day after day, and you could exchange them for chances to win BIG… then, you could WIN! It’s that simple! Will you be winning in a Winter wonderland?

PCH loves to award big prizes to help improve people’s lives for the better – and that’s all the more reason to search, play, and enter every way you can from PCH Sweepstakes!

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PCH Creative



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