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Behind The Scenes At The PCH Holiday Party

It’s a lot of fun working at PCH, and I work with some pretty awesome people from day to day that help bring amazing winning opportunities to PCH fans like you. And that’s what is so great about the PCH holiday party: You get the chance to enjoy the company of your coworkers at a wonderful party atmosphere! It’s so great to celebrate the Holiday season with PCHers – and just last week, the party of the year kicked off!

Debbie K. and Amanda pose for a selfie.

The venue was posh and polished, and you could see coworkers saying hello as the party kicked off with fun music playing, appetizers filling hands, and laughs echoing about the room. You see, PCH is kind of like a “work-family”, where everyone enjoys each other’s company. That’s what makes the PCH holiday party so much fun!

Writer Jane and Art Director Michelle get photobombed by Will!

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice glass of champagne while the music’s going – both a DJ AND a live band were rocking and rolling all night! Many party folk were bopping their heads along to the groovy tunes. Along with dancing about, PCHers were talking holidays; who’s celebrating where, what goodies will be served … all the things I’m sure you’re talking about too! What are YOU doing for the holidays?

Doesn’t Marybeth look festive in her Christmas dress?

And speaking of food, what would a PCH holiday party be without a buffet of delicious, gourmet food… right? PCH serves food in style at their holiday parties; everything from macaroni and cheese to pulled pork, from eggplant rollatini to Chinese steamed dumplings and much more.

After enjoying their fantastic meals, PCHers were ready to DANCE! Awesome party songs filled the dance floor, and so did this work-family. It was fun watching who I thought were the shy, quiet people really bust some moves!

Here’s Laurel and Amanda saying “Happy Holidays!”

Then, you know what came next, right? Dessert, of course! Yes, delicious cookies, coffee, and cakes piled on plates – and it was all just scrumptious! Plus, this year, there was a make-your-own-sundae bar AND a chocolate fountain – take a look at the video below! Talk about YUM!

Yep, another fun PCH holiday party in the books! We at PCH want to wish YOU happy holidays, and a wonderful new year! We hope all your wishes and dreams come true!

Remember to stay in it to win in, in 2019 and every year, with PCH! We have some great prize opportunities in the new year, so stay tuned for more of the incredible ways you could win from Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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