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More Words From Winners!

Do you like to have a good chat with a friend? Who doesn’t, right? It’s great to share your thoughts and feelings with someone who will “get you,” and immediately understand what you’re going through. Well, I like to think that all of you out there who are true-blue “in-it-2-win-it” PCH fans are those kinds of friends! I recall many times where our fabulous fan base has celebrated those who have won and encouraged others who needed to hear it through comments on the blog or via social media.

Well, today the winners are giving BACK to you, with their own words! As I shared a few weeks ago, one of the first things we ask all PCH winners to do is to convey some sentiments about their incredible good luck. So here it is … MORE Words from Winners!

First up is PCH winner Richard Petersen:

Richard’s example might be one to follow. He says he plays every day! How often do you enter PCH? Are you interacting with our emails and playing our games? And don’t forget Richard’s reminder: “…it CAN happen!” If it can happen to him, it can happen to you! Every entry has just as much of a chance of winning as the next!

That’s what Shakeena Robinson said, and she’s so right! If you keep playing, then you know that your entries are in the running. Shakeena says “you never know,” but the one thing you DO know is that you have just as much of a chance of winning as the next person. Remember: the only people who have a chance to win our next drawing are those who actually have entries in it! 

Now here’s Toby Moore!

Toby Moore is a great guy, and I had a chance to interview him for one of our “Where Are They Now” PCH winner video segments. One thing that didn’t make it into the video was the fact that Toby was able to buy a lake house using his prize money! It was definitely a dream come true for him, and if you were to win a $1,000,000.00 prize, I bet there would be a few dreams you’d be able to accomplish as well!

And lastly, Andreas Farley reminds us that PCH is totally real! It’s amazing how many people out there are still doubters, but if you’re reading this blog…I know that you KNOW that you KNOW! So do what $20,000.00 PCH winner Andrea says – keep trying! Make the most of every opportunity that PCH sends your way!

So what would you say if you were to become a PCH winner? Let’s pretend you won not just $10,000, but $10 MILLION dollars! What would your winner quote be? Tell us in the comments below!

Matt K.
PCH Correspondent

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