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Introducing Wincredible – Our Newest Way To Win Big!

Hey Blog Readers,

Do you like trivia? Do you like winning?

Well, you’re going to love the Wincredible App! It’s the hottest new game from Publishers Clearing House and it could fill your pockets with cash in no time!

Here’s how it works…

First, you’ll want to start by playing Solo Games! Just pick your favorite category – there are 10 to choose from, including Pop Culture, World, Animals, Food, Sports & Games, Home, Business & Technology, History, Science & Nature and Transportation.

Wincredible App lobby

Next, answer easy questions, like this one, by tapping the correct answer:

Wincredible App question
Wincredible App question

Then, you’ll score entries for the DAILY WINCREDIBLE SWEEPSTAKES DRAWING that will definitely make someone a winner AND lots of Tokens you can use to go for other big prizes in the PCHrewards Token Exchange!

Wincredible App Score
Wincredible App Score

But that’s not all…

Switch over to Live Events at 2 PM, 5 PM and 8 PM, ET and you’ll get a chance to compete against other players to see who takes home today’s Wincredible Live game cash prizes! Live game categories change all the time, so make sure you check back and see when you can play your favorites!

Remember, whether you’re playing Solo or in a Live Event, you’ll want to answer fast, because the quicker you answer, the higher your score will be!

And, speaking of fast, it’s even easier to get in the game when you can get started quickly, so let’s start thinking about which Wincredible category is right for you with…

5 quick questions to help you pick the best Wincredible Solo Game category!

Question #1: When you’re at the supermarket checkout, do you…
a) Drool over the candy?
b) Read the magazine covers?
c) Count your money?
d) All of the above?

Question #2: In high school, your favorite class was…
a) Lunch
b) Recess
c) Math
d) All of the above

Question #3: Imagine, you can have VIP passes to one of these places … where would you go?
a) Culinary School Tour
b) Rock Concert
c) Museum
d) They’re all great

Question #4: You’re invited on a super-fun road trip, what do you do first?
a) Pack a snack
b) Call your friends
c) Call work
d) Send out text messages while you’re mapping out tourist attractions

Question #5: Let’s say you find $100 … what do you do with it?
a) Go out to dinner
b) Go to the movies
c) Invest it
d) Save it for later

Mostly A’s – You’ll want to check out the Wincredible Food category right away – I think you’ll find it to be one of our most delicious ways to win yet!

Mostly B’s – Pop on over to Wincredible and check out the Pop Culture category! You might soon find out it’s one of your favorites!

Mostly C’s – You are no-nonsense! Head on over to Wincredible and get in the game with our Business category! It’s sure to add up to a really good time for you!

Mostly D’s or a Mix – Why not try them all? It’s great for people like you who are interested in just about everything to check out all your options — and it could score you lots of sweeps entries in no time!

Well, I hope I was able to help you choose your favorite Wincredible category, but I just know that no matter which category you play, it’s sure to be lots of fun – and it could really win you lots of cash!

So, what are you waiting for? There are winners every day in the Wincredible app, and it’s so easy for you to get in on the action — just download it in the App Store now on your Apple device! And let me know below what you think!

Have A Wincredible Day!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Which Wincredible category do you think will be YOUR favorite? Let me know below!

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