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Debt. Nobody wants it, yet most of us have it. It’s like a bad cold that won’t go away. But here at PCH, we’ve come up with an idea that could possibly help, and it’s no coincidence that the SuperPrize award date is just around the corner. Want to get out of debt? Enter now!

The current SuperPrize is $1,000.00 A Day For Life, which is authorized for award during our “special early look” on October 25th! That would certainly put a dent in those bills, don’t you think? It’s like every day one thousand dollars just appears in your bank account. Eventually, you might be able to pay off your mortgage, your car note – even destroy those school loans! Day after day after day! I think you get the point. If you were to win, what would you pay off first?

Like I mentioned earlier, the award date is right around the corner. The entry deadline is October 22, 11:59 PM, ET, which is only five days away (including today). Then three days later, on October 25, we’ll be looking for a winner! Are you in to win? How many times have you entered? Where is your favorite place to enter?

Now this is PCH. We don’t only have one sweepstakes to enter. Ha! We have many! The SuperPrize, though everyone’s favorite, isn’t the only shot at BIG MONEY in town. We have all sorts of sweeps running all the time – so have no fear, opportunities to get out of debt are here!

With so much money to be won, there’s no reason not to enter – especially the SuperPrize! I can’t say it enough… Want to get out of debt? Enter Now! Are you motivated? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Have I convinced you to enter today and every day for the next five days? I hope so! You could become our next BIG WINNER! So exciting! Good luck, everyone!

Tina P.
Online Creative

P.S. Hurry! There are only five days left to enter to Win $1,000.00 A Day For Life!

P.P.S. We’ll soon be taking a special early look to see if the matching winning number has been returned on time. If not, we’ll award a $1,000,000.00 base prize in a second chance random drawing at giveaway end. A million dollars would certainly help a winner get out of debt, right? Enter now!

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