Enter to Win $1.25 Million For A Dream Home Before It’s Too Late!

Let me say this first – the Prize Patrol is DEFINITELY hitting the road on November 30th to award a HUGE prize! Could they travel to your home to deliver $1,250,000.00 for a Dream Home? This is soon after your big Thanksgiving meal, but don’t let the turkey put to you sleep on this one! I want you to make sure you get those entries in, so I’m reminding you NOW to enter before the big date!

Can you imagine what that would be like to be able to tell your family during the holiday season that you were going to have a new home? Why, if everything went your way, you could have a new house in time to celebrate on New Year’s Eve!

But here’s the most important part – FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22ND IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER TO WIN!

We’ve asked you about Dream Homes in the past. One time we asked you to tell us about your dream home in just one word. Another time we asked you to describe to us what your dream home would look like.

Being able to afford a new place to live is a common theme with our winners at PCH. Many winners have gone on to use their SuperPrize winnings for some serious upgrades! Tamar Howard built a house for her and her daughters. Robb Gonazles went from a cramped apartment to a spacious condo (I should know – I interviewed him there!). And Toby Moore could afford to get a remote lake house for his weekend getaways!

What sort of decision would you make about your Dream Home?

You have only a few days left to enter, but then another week to fantasize! The topic might make some good Thanksgiving dinner conversation! We have a tradition in my family where we all go around the Thanksgiving table sharing what we’re most thankful for that past year. Maybe instead, you could all go around and share one key feature in your future Dream Home!

But PLEASE, in order to have a chance to win $1.25 Million toward your dream home, you must be IN IT TO WIN IT. Your last chance is this Friday! And then after the Prize Patrol is done stuffing themselves with Thanksgiving turkey, they’ll squeeze into their Prize Patrol blazers and give someone the most amazing pre-holiday gift ever! Enter here!

Matt “The Stat Man” for PCH

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