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Lucky The PCH Big Check Asks: “Who Wants to Meet Me in Just Days?”

Hey Blog Readers,

It’s me, your pal, Lucky the PCH Big Check and, as you can see, I’m super busy this holiday season, wrapping and taping and boxing and bustling… all, of course, while shining my seal and getting ready to go out on the road to deliver one of the BEST GIFTS EVER … $2,500.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE!

That’s right – we’re awarding a winner $2,500.00 A Week For Life in JUST 1 WEEK from today! So, tell me: Who Wants To Meet Me?

My zeros are shaking with anticipation since $2,500.00 A Week For Life is a big amount for me to carry and, I’ve got to be honest Blog friends, carrying 2s is kind of tricky for me. A big guy like me can hold a “5,” no problem! Got six zeros? I’ve got you covered with my straight corners and a steady signature line… but gosh, there’s something about putting on a “2” that feels so special – and I just get so nervous that it’s going to slide off my payline if I’m not paying attention!

Now, of course, I’m a professional and wouldn’t let that happen, but it’s always in the back of my mind – especially with 2s – which are extra slick. I had some practice wearing a “2” recently with the $1.25 Million we awarded to Rhonda Wagner earlier this month and I could feel myself holding on to it so tightly that I thought my decimal point would burst! And $2,500.00 A Week For Life is such a life-changing prize, I want to be absolutely certain that it looks good when I walk to the winner’s door! So, I’ve been practicing non-stop! I’ve been wearing this prize day and night … I wear it when I visit Mama Windfall … I wear it when I go to the grocery store for my greens (I didn’t straighten my payline one time and thought I looked like a mess but the clerk said I looked so good she thought I was there to surprise her!) … and I wear it when I hop into my bank vault to go to sleep at night! You can see in my picture that I’m even wearing it right now Blog Fans, just to wrap some gifts!

I’ve been practicing my hardest and I think I’m going to be able to strut to the door with Danielle and the Prize Patrol with pride next week, but I could really use a shout out from you to feel confident that I can pull it off in style!

So please, tell me in the comments if you want to see me, wearing the $2,500.00 A Week For Life Prize, at your door on December 30th!

Oh, what a wonderful gift $2,500.00 A Week For Life is going to be for our winner this time of year! If their decorations are still up, I hope they can add me to their wall or mantle, next to a tree or in a window, and show me off as their most prized “gift” of all!

Do you know where you would put me if I showed up at your door? Let me know – I’d love to hear!

Well, speaking of gifts, it’s time for me to finish my wrapping and re-curl my dollar sign so I’m all set for the holiday celebrations and then, after that, the biggest celebration of all – getting to hug our $2,500.00 A Week For Life Winner for the very first time!

I hope all you Blog Readers have a very happy holiday! Please remember to comment below and let me know if you’d want me at your door on the big day – I can’t wait to see what you think!

Happy Holiday Blog Readers,

Lucky Windfall
PCH Big Check

P.S. We’re gearing up for a BIG 2020 and I’m going to be out on the road awarding SO MANY PRIZES – including the incredible $5,000.00 A Week “FOREVER” Prize you can enter to win right here (see above), so make sure you get in it to win it!

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