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Happy December! For many, December is a big holiday month. People are scurrying about buying gifts, doing holiday baking, and an overall feeling of kindness fills the air. December was also a great month across all of our PCHPlay&Win properties. There were lots of winners and lots of prizes. The perfect month for it, too. I wonder how many of those cool prizes wound up as holiday presents! Either way, whether our players gifted their winnings or kept them, one thing is certain – there were lots of PCH winners. Let’s look at our Month in Winning at PCHPlay&Win sites.

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Impressive, right? We’re still in December, so they’ll be even more winners on the final tally. It just goes to show you how many winners we have every day across the PCH network. When people hear Publishers Clearing House, often the first thing that comes to mind is the PCH SuperPrize. Well, that’s not surprising, and granted, it’s our biggest prize category. But as you guys know, there are so many more ways to win at PCH. I’m going to mention a few more just in case we have some new PCH fans in the house.

(alt text: Month in Winning at PCHPlay&Win – Winning Wonderland)

Look at that list. There’s a lot going on over here. So many ways to enter – so many opportunities to win. It’s like a Winning Wonderland!

Well, that’s it for me, folks. I hope your December was as great as mine – and as great as it was for our Play&Win winners! I hope this Month in Winning at PCHPlay&Win inspired you to get in the game and stay in it, because you just never know. You could become a PCH winner, too! Happy New Year, everyone. See you in January!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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