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How Do You Pick Your Power Numbers?

Here at PCH, we were wondering: how do you pick your PowerPrize numbers? I took an informal survey among my coworkers (we can’t win since we’re PCH employees, but we can dream), and here are the TOP 10 ways we choose our lucky numbers:

1: Mom/Dad/Kids’/Grandparents’ birthdays

There’s nothing sweeter than picking the birthdays of special people who make you feel lucky!

2: Wedding Anniversary

The day you got married or watched your child get married is a lucky day indeed.

3: Your own birthday/spouse’s birthday

Choosing your own birthday/spouse’s birthday is a must for people here – maybe it will feel lucky for you too.

4: Work anniversary

People who chose this date consider it a day that they will always be grateful for – especially if they win millions with it!

5: Dating anniversary

This was a popular choice among the single crowd and the sentimental married crowd. It’s a great option for a lucky number!

6: Wedding Day/Birthday combo

Who’s to say it has to be one or the other? Lots of folks mix and match…so why can’t you?

7: Favorite Sports Heroes Jersey Numbers

42…Jackie Robinson. #18…Payton Manning. #3…Babe Ruth… #23…Michael Jordan. #9…Mia Hamm. Pick your favorites and run with them!

8: Street Address/Apartment #s/Phone #s

My parents thought their first apartment number was lucky (#7). Which address, apartment number, or phone number contains your lucky numbers?

9: Ages of children

Some people here pick the ages of kids, neighbors, relatives, or pets! It’s another fun way to generate numbers that feel right to you.

10: Go random!

Just hit the “Quick Pick” button on your PowerPrize card, and your numbers will be chosen completely at random – and filled in a flash. How easy is that!

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What’s your favorite way to pick lucky numbers? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

Best of luck always,

Maria S.
PCH Online Creative

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