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Put Your PCH Tokens to Work

Redeem Tokens for Entries at the PCHrewards Token Exchange

Have you been banking PCH tokens and not redeeming them? Every day, you add more and more tokens – welcome tokens, contest entry tokens, game played tokens, bonus tokens, etc. Pretty soon that number at the top of your screen – your ALL TIME TOKENS – goes from the thousands to the millions and (if you’re dedicated enough) to the billions! And while watching your balance build is fun, your tokens are there to help you make the most of PCH.

Redeem Tokens at the PCHrewards Token Exchange

PCHrewards Token Exchange

Remember hearing about the PCHrewards Token Exchange? If you’re a regular reader of the PCHblog, then it’s nearly impossible not to hear about it! If you’re a PCH newbie, then keep reading because the Token Exchange is a page you’ll want to bookmark.

The reason we keep talking about the Token Exchange is because redeeming your tokens gives you more chances to win. And winning is what you’re really here for, right?!?!?

Everyone knows the chance to win the SuperPrize is the main draw, but there are so many other opportunities to win great prizes – cash, electronics, a 2020 Ford® Edge ST – that the Token Exchange might just be your fastest route to winning.

335 Horsepower Could Become Yours by Redeeming Just 5,000 Tokens

All Time Tokens versus Total Tokens Used

Another of the cool things about the Token Exchange is that it’ll never deduct tokens from your All Time Token count. You’ve earned that big number and it’s yours to keep and to build upon. Instead, the Token Exchange keeps a separate count of the tokens you’ve redeemed for entries. So that’s like the best of both worlds.

No Limit on Entries

Another great aspect of the Token Exchange is that it allows you to be more aggressive when it comes to entering giveaways. For example, it’s not likely that you could claim 5,000 entries to the SuperPrize, but what about 5,000 entries to win that sweet Ford SUV? As long as you have the 25,000,000 tokens to redeem, then those 5,000 entries are yours!

And there’s my pitch to you to redeem your tokens and take advantage of all the Token Exchange has to offer. We guarantee you’ll find something you like, so check it out today.

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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  1. I Juan hereby claim and redeem 35,000 tokens through email jes$$$$$$ and a chance to win $10,000,000.00 in compliance and fully eligible rewards.

  2. Yes PCH, I’m claiming the 35,000 Tokens and can they be added to my Token Bank, to be used Later For Cash and Prizes. Thanks again PCH, God Bless.