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Got A Minute? Play Minute Mania Games

Do you like to score tokens? Do you like to have fun? Do you only have a minute to spare? Because we’ve got some games for you in Minute Mania!

Have fun and score tokens – at the same time. Plus, there’s variety! We’ve got card games, word games, mahjongg and more! No need to worry about losing track of time with Minute Mania! All the games end after exactly one minute.

Try Tri Peaks Rush! It is the most addicting card game. Scramble to stack the cards in order from the three peaks. Clear the peaks less than a minute and you can get lots of tokens.

Play at being the Prize Patrol with Delivery Dash! You’ve got a minute to get the big checks to the winners, while dodging dogs and kids on skateboards. Pick up piles of cash for bonus points!

Want to expand your vocabulary? Check out 60 Second Word Finder! Assemble words from the letters in the grid! Draw with your mouse or finger to select the words. Go in, connect letters to form words as fast as you can, and score tokens!

In Flight Frenzy, guide the Prize Patrol van through the air! Collect balloons while avoiding clouds and mountains. The farther you fly and more balloons you collect, the more points you score! How far can you go in 60 seconds?

Are you into Mahjongg games? Because we’ve got them too! In Mahjongg Minute, match the tiles before the clock runs out! And if you want something more advanced, think in three dimensions to beat Mahjongg Minute 3D! In this game, you find tile matches in a rotating 3D cube!

Rather spend a minute practicing your aim? There’s Token Toss! Flip the coins into the pot – but be sure not to overshoot! You have to judge how far they need to go to land and score points.

There are so many games to choose from, and you can score tokens by playing any and all of them! Which Minute Mania game is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Rebecca M.
PCH Online Creative

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