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What State Do You Think The Next Winner Will Live In?

Good afternoon, everybody!

Here’s some good news: March is here, and with it comes hope. Spring is on the way, Winter will be out of here in just a few weeks, and by April 30th, we’ll find out who becomes the next PCH Millionaire – remember, $7,000.00 A Week For Life is ready to be awarded!

So, while we wait for the April prize award day to come, I’m wondering: What state do you think the next Winner will live in? Will it be Idaho, Arizona, or Texas? Vermont, Mississippi, Illinois? Florida, New Jersey, or Oregon, or one of the other 42 states?

To be perfectly honest with you, PCH Winners are chosen completely at random, so they can come from any state in the U.S.A.!

Some folks will say, “Oh, the winner always comes from New York/California/ Virginia/etc.” Well, we’ve had winners in every single state.

Here’s a fact: Somebody will WIN BIG on April 30th. So why can’t that somebody be YOU?

Just imagine having $7,000.00 a week coming into your bank account – every week – FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! That money would stack up FAST!

Everybody’s got an equal shot to win this Special Early Look prize event!

Even if the matching winner number for the $7,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize is not returned or is ineligible, there will be a Second Chance Drawing – and all eligible numbers will get in to win a guaranteed $1,000,000 prize! So, either way, you’ll have a shot to become the next PCH MILLIONAIRE IN YOUR STATE!

But if you want to WIN, you’ve got to GET IN! Here are some of the fun, free, and fast ways to take your shot:

• Enter the PCH Sweepstakes every day
• Play at PCHkeno or PCHgames
• Look up your favorite entertainment info at PCHfrontpage
• Go to PCHlotto
• Visit the PCH Fan Page on Facebook
• Download the PCH app for Android
• Search at PCHsearch&win

So, now that you know some ways to get in to WIN, please:

  1. Leave us a comment below and let us know: Where do you think the SuperPrize winner will come from? Fill in the blank and tell us why you think the BIG WINNER will come from that state.
  2. Grab Every Shot TO WIN! Don’t wait – GO FOR IT!

Best of luck,

Maria S.

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  1. You know I really enjoy Maria S comment for they are inspiring words to help drive, to not give up I like to THANK ALL OF YOU for giving everything you have, and work very hard to make sure we are at the best we could be. TO THE PCH AGENTS HATS OFF.