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Real News Reports Answer the Question “Is Publishers Clearing House Real?”

If you’ve ever talked to anyone about our sweepstakes, chances are you’ve been asked the question “Is Publishers Clearing House real?” You might even be surprised that people even ask the Prize Patrol that very same question!

One thing we always do at Publishers Clearing House is invite the media to join us for prize awards. Of course, we NEVER tell them who the winner is ahead of time. We just let them know that there is a winner in their area, and that they can join us for the big surprise!

News coverage is a great way to show people that Publishers Clearing House is real! Just take recent winner Tammy T. Prize Patroller Howie showed up at her house with a reporter in tow.

This Is What Howie Says!

“Tammy’s husband Joe came outside and immediately knew what was going on – his eyes widened and he said ‘whoa! Let me get Tammy!,’” Prize Patroller Howie told me.

“Tammy was stunned. She and Joe said they had never won anything before and couldn’t wait to spend the money to take the entire family on a vacation, something they’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

Now these sort of recaps are commonplace, but luckily a TV reporter was on hand to capture the whole thing. Here’s her report!

PCH News Report

At PCH, we get to see lots of Prize Patrol footage shot by our crack team of videographers. We get some incredible footage of all sorts of different reactions. You’ve seen so many of them on our TV commercials over the years! But I think the news reports are just as compelling.

So the next time you have a friend ask you “Is Publishers Clearing House Real?” just find this blog post and send it to them. A picture is worth a thousand words…or in this case, a video is worth a PCH SuperPrize!

-Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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