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What To Search For This November At PCHSearch&Win

Hello PCH fans,

Welcome to November! Feels like the year has been flying by, doesn’t it? But here we are!

And no matter how you feel about the passage of time, PCH is still out here awarding prizes to lucky winners. In fact, this month is packed with prizes, giveaways and more! Check ‘em out on!

And there’s another major event coming up – Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving may look different this year, but it’s still on the calendar.

Maybe you’re responsible for prepping the turkey this year. Or making stuffing. Or setting the table. Personally, I love Thanksgiving. But it can be a tricky time if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully, PCHSearch&Win is here to help.

Plus, every search gives you chances to win awesome prizes – like cash and gift cards!

Go to PCHSearch&Win to look up Thanksgiving tips and tricks, get recipe help, and figure out when you’re supposed to put the turkey in the oven.

So whatever happens between now and Thanksgiving, remember – PCHSearch&Win is here for you! Search for anything you need and make your Thanksgiving dreams come true.

Even More To Search For On PCHSearch&Win!

November is also the start of the holiday shopping season! Which is a lot to deal with. But you can get a head start on your shopping on PCHSearch&Win! Find good deals, look up sales, and make a stressful season less stressful!

By the way, have you seen the new $2,500,000.00 MegaPrize? The deadline to enter to win this prize is Nov. 29, so get in as many entries as you can this month! We’re awarding this prize on Dec. 3!

Looking at all of this, November’s going to be a great month! Keep searching! Not only will you find what you’re looking for, but you could win big!

What are you searching for this month? What did you find on PCHSearch&Win? Let us know in the comments!

Rebecca M.
PCH Online Creative

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