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What is Publishers Clearing House (PCH)?

Despite the fact that Publishers Clearing House has been around for nearly 70 years, there are still people out there, both young and old, who ask questions like:

  • What is PCH?
  • Is Publishers Clearing House Real?
  • Is Publishers Clearing House Legit?

While our loyal friends, fans, and winners all know that PCH is very real and quite legitimate, we want to take this opportunity to address those with these questions and discuss the long and storied history of Publishers Clearing House.

If you are wondering what we are all about or if you are already a fan and want to know more about us, this piece is for you!

The History of Publishers Clearing House

To give you a quick overview of Publishers Clearing House and our history, the company was founded in 1953 by the Mertz family as a direct marketing magazine subscription organization. While this is still true of Publishers Clearing House today, over the years, the company has grown into a world-famous brand that offers a multitude of products, contests, and entertainment services.

The expansion into these different areas began in 1967 when PCH launched its first sweepstakes as a means to attract attention to different magazine subscriptions. Obviously, the sweepstakes was a hit and went on to become an integral part of the PCH brand.

Then, in 1985, our company began to expand its suite of product offerings into a diverse set of categories including collectibles, household appliances, entertainment devices and so much more. This decision has helped to shape Publishers Clearing House into what it is today.

Today, Publishers Clearing House is best known as a “sweepstakes company,” offering our friends and fans a variety of free-to-play, chance-to-win games, contests, sweepstakes and more, all of which span dozens of apps and digital properties.

Most folks are familiar with PCH because of our legendary Prize Patrol, who deliver giant (in both size and dollar amount) checks, champagne, and balloons to awestruck winners, all while the cameras are rolling.

With just under 70 years of innovation and dedicated fans, the answer to the question of “is Publishers Clearing House legit” is an overwhelming “Yes”!

And remember, real people do win! Just check out all of the 2021 PCH winners on our YouTube channel.

Products Offered by Publishers Clearing House

As was mentioned a moment ago, Publishers Clearing House doesn’t just deal in magazine subscriptions but has expanded into a plethora of different product categories for our fans to enjoy.

Today, Publishers Clearing House offers our friends and fans everything from As-Seen-On-TV products to gourmet foods like cookies, cakes and more! Interested in collectible items like historic coins, decorative items and a slew of other showpieces? Publishers Clearing House has a wide selection for you to shop! Are you more interested in housewares, appliances, home décor or entertainment? We have an array of items that will meet your needs.

PCH also offers items in fashion and beauty and various other categories. Check it out for yourself and browse our fantastic selection of products and magazine subscriptions!

Current PCH Sweepstakes

Since Publishers Clearing House is famous for its sweepstakes, you probably want to know about those too!

Right now, PCH is running a variety of sweepstakes for our fans to win incredible prizes. For instance, you can enter to win $10,000 for school or $10,000 for retirement savings. If those don’t interest you, maybe you might want to win a fully-loaded Ford F150!

If you want to go really big, you can enter to win $1.25 million dollars for your dream home.

The point is that Publishers Clearing House is always running an array of different sweepstakes that you can win! But remember, you have to be in it to win it, so check out all of our sweepstakes today.

Answering All of Your Questions

  • What is PCH?
  • Is Publishers Clearing House legit?
  • What sweepstakes are going on right now?

Hopefully this piece answered all of these questions for you in full. What other questions do you have about Publishers Clearing House and our current promotions? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Hello Henry, With PCH, a purchase is never required to enter or to win. Per the Official Rules and Sweepstakes Facts, a purchase or lack thereof will not affect a person’s chances of winning. In fact, most winners have been as a result of an entry-only submission. I assure you that PCH never solicits our consumers via outbound calling. If you feel that you may have been contacted by a scammer, please report it to PCH as soon as possible:

  1. Publish clearing house is a sweepstakes and its legit, with incredible life changing wins that change lives, an amazing God sent company. I will recommend to anyone any day to join thanks PCH… we so grateful for the opportunities.

  2. I believe in PCH, I believe if you just stay loyal and believe in faith u will win be consistent have INTERITY and keep entering on time and if your lucky u will be the next millionaire, well God bless everyone.