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A Winner From Every State!

As you enter the PCH sweepstakes each day, you might think to yourself, “no one from MY state has ever won a big PCH prize, I bet.” Well guess what – someone from your state HAS won! Because we have winners from EVERY SINGLE STATE. (Actually, there’s one state that hasn’t had a big prize awarded lately…read on to see which one it is.)

You can always check out recent winners here, but we wanted to share some of the wonderful winning moments from (almost) every state all in one place. You could be next!


Jason Lawler of Huntsville, AL


No photo description available.

Pamela S. of Wrangell, Alaska


Dave Boucos of Surprise, AZ (yes, that’s really where he lives!)


Ken Breckenridge of Hot Springs, AZ


Carol McCrea of Palmdale, CA


No photo description available.
Pamela Jonker of Eagle, CO

Check out the news story on her here:


Michael Tully of New Preston, CT


Theresa Patille from New Castle, DE

District of Columbia

No photo description available.
Samuel Johnson of Washington, DC


Patience Tucker of Florida


Dale Brown of Atlanta, GA


ralph esparza jr winning pch
Ralph Esparza, Jr. of Haliimaile, HI


Gary Lindstrom of Boise, ID


Juanita Rangel of Oswego, IL


Stacy Atchley of Indiana


No photo description available.
Andrea Farley of Council Bluffs, IA


Kathy Bernhardt of Marion, KS


No photo description available.
Alana Hodge of Paducah, KY


Levi Grantham of Bush, LA


No photo description available.
Paula Lee from Windham, ME


No photo description available.
Joseph Fritts of Rising Sun, MD


Chris Smith of Abington, MA


Archie Joseph of Detroit, MI


No photo description available.
Anne Tinberg of Richfield, MN


No photo description available.
Annie Walker of Jackson, MS


No photo description available.
Tim Roush of Rosendale, MO


Diana O’Malley of Libby, MT


No photo description available.
Camille Himmelberg of Lincoln, NE


No photo description available.
Michael Kiermas of Las Vegas, NV

New Hampshire

New Jersey

No photo description available.
Robert Laino of River Vale, NJ

New Mexico

No photo description available.
Gloria Guzman of Las Cruces, NM

New York

Krystal Rose of Ogdensburg, NY

North Carolina

Bruce Saunders of Mocksville, NC won $1,000,000! You can read about his big win in his local paper, the Winston-Salem Journal.

North Dakota

Yep, this is the state that hasn’t had a big prize winner in a while – though we’ve had some smaller prizes awarded to folks there, it’s been a bit since we awarded any $10K or up prizes there. Will our next winner be from North Dakota? Keep playing!


Aylin Baughman of Columbus, OH


Candace Greer of Oklahoma


No photo description available.
Tamar Veatch of Cottage Grove, OR


No photo description available.
Gerard Rivera of Philadelphia, PA

Rhode Island

No photo description available.
Dolores Soccio of Johnson, RI

South Carolina

Janice Randolph from Clover, SC

South Dakota

Carli Steffes of Sioux Falls, SD


Charles Vineyard of Columbia, TN


Carolyn Guerrero of Harper, TX


Ed Hagman of Merriman, UT


No photo description available.
Thomas Ketcham of Middlebury, VT


Patricia Wigington of Fort Royal, VA


Darin McGuire of Redmond, WA

West Virginia

No photo description available.
Loretta Watson of Charleston, WV


No photo description available.
Paul Casey of Fort Atkinson, WI


Cathy Flint of Laramie, WY

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  1. Bless PCH and their affiliates for making it fun to play shop enter and WIN… Hope all are doing good in there, blessings.

  2. Hello there, I was text that I won but I had to pay for the taxes. Before I get my winning.I have a man who calls me all the time. To collect the money for taxes. Is this true. I been playing for many years now and I have not won yet.thankyou for your time please let me know.

  3. I will love to win this. I haven’t been working for two years since I had a stroke. I have had cancer for 13 years. I will take money and pay hospital bills off. My son has Sickle Cell. One that I will do pay this.

  4. I would love to win so I can pay it forward to those I love and those in need before I die. Hopefully someday soon as years are getting shorter.

  5. Still waiting patiently that hopefully one day I will win one of those big checks. Thank you for making it possible.

  6. I’m so praying and saying my prayers it’s Wisconsin, M$$$$$$$$…. Please this will be a blessing I’ve been saying my prayers for me and my beautiful daughters Jazlynn, Jaclyn, Julianne, Juliette love you girls we deserve this win PCH sweepstakes!!!!! Love ya, Jennifer N$$$$$$ M$$$$$$$$, Wisconsin 2022. Thanks PCH sweepstakes!

  7. I’ve played for years, only wishing for one day to be the big winner, this is my dream to actually be able to live with out struggle.