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Weekly Grand Prize: Win A Ford Explorer Hybrid!

This week’s grand prize is a powerful Ford® Explorer Limited Hybrid valued at $54,995! The last day to enter is Monday, March 20, so enter now to make sure you’ve secured your chance to win. Act fast and you could be tooling around town in this amazing hybrid SUV!

You Could Be Driving This Beauty!

Transform your day-to-day drives into something extraordinary behind the wheel of a brand new Ford Explorer Hybrid. This beautiful vehicle has everything you need for running errands, commuting, or taking road trips. And with a hybrid engine, you’ll save on gas for years to come.

Features include:

⛽️ Say “goodbye” to high gas prices with a powerful hybrid engine

? Enjoy super-cool extras like a hands-free liftgate

?‍?‍?‍? Get room for the whole family with second and third row seating

? Stay safe with Ford’s Blind Spot Information System and more

Can I Really Win A Prize From Publishers Clearing House?

We’ll keep it simple for you: yep, you can. We give away cash and prizes to folks just like you, all over the country, all the time! Our Weekly Grand Prize changes every week. It could be a car, a cool trip, or cold, hard cash (in the form of a big check, of course)! We’ve even made a millionaire every month…how cool is that? Check out their winning stories here on the blog!

The Prize Patrol loves visiting you and bringing smiles to your face when they present that big check – so make sure you enter as much as you can! If you’re not already signed up to be a PCH VIP, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE, and you’ll get access to all the great games and entertainment that PCH has to offer.

How Can I Collect More Entries For The Weekly Grand Prize?

One GREAT way to get more entries for the Weekly Grand Prize, every single week, is by playing Wordmania. Wordmania is a fun, simple word game that will have you leveling up every chance you get – and banking Weekly Grand Prize entries while you do it! Check out our blog post here to learn more about Wordmania. Android users, click here, and iPhone users, click here to download Wordmania with Steve Harvey and start winning big today!

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  1. Did they announce the winner yet??? I was trying so damn hard staying up all night to get as many entries as possible and taking care of my two kids with no sleep to try and better are lives I’m not doing to good this year. I have no car $-10.00 in my bank account, me and my girls are staying in the living room at a friend’s house and my Dad passed away last week boy when it rain it pours….I just want a break I’ve always had to work so hard for ever little thing I’ve ever had and now I don’t really have anything, all cause of my Ex, who was extremely abusive to me and I finally after ten years got the courage to leave and so did he only cause he’s a coward he went back to Mexico cause he didn’t want to go to jail for breaking my nose and giving me a BLK eye. Before he ran away like a coward before the police got there and he put sugar in my gas tank and stole money, I had saved up …oh man I just had to vent for a min and since I really don’t have any family left as Girls are 9 & are 4 so I can’t really Vent to them but I’m just going to keep trying and praying and hope that one of these days it’s my turn to have a little luck. I sure would pay it forward God Bless everyone.

  2. Inittowinit!
    I would park thay beauty and it wouldn’t be driven until I get my lisence back!!! Praying to the good Lord above and hoping for a miracle. Reppin’ PCH homies, gratitude and prosperity! 🙂