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How To Play PCH Lotto

You’re probably familiar with the big state-run lottery programs like Mega Millions and Powerball, but did you know that PCH also has a lotto that you can enter right now, absolutely free? It’s true! It’s so easy to play, and you don’t even have to leave your house to do it!

Where Can I Play PCH Lotto?

The first step in playing PCH Lotto is to navigate to the PCH Lotto page. (I recommend bookmarking the page so you can find it again tomorrow!) When you hit the page, you’ll see something that looks like this:

One thing I love about PCH Lotto is how truly easy it is to play! All you have to do is choose eight numbers, plus your power number, and that’s it! Here’s what I chose for my eight numbers today:

I chose numbers that mean something to me (my kids’ birthdays, plus a couple other favorite numbers of mine), but you can choose numbers any way you choose! Here are a few suggestions to help you get started!

  • ? birthdays of loved ones
  • ? lucky numbers
  • ? important dates in your life
  • ? your license plate number

But don’t worry – if you’re having trouble deciding on numbers, there’s always the “quick pick” option!

If you don’t feel like choosing your own numbers, the “quick pick” option chooses eight numbers for you in one simple click!

Once you’ve chosen your numbers, click the “continue” button to move to the next screen. That’s where you’ll choose your power number:

You’ll just choose a single power number, and that’s it! Plus, if you match the power number for the day, you’ll get an entry to win $500!

How Do I Win PCH Lotto?

If you match all eight numbers, plus the power number, you win whatever the jackpot is! The jackpot keeps going up when there isn’t a winner, so it can grow to be PRETTY big. Right now it’s about $4.4 MILLION dollars! What would YOU do with that money?!

Do People Really Win Prizes From PCH?

They sure do! Carli Steffes of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, won our PowerPrize of almost $5 million after entering every day for years! Here’s a great article about her win. As a cancer survivor, Carli was able to pay off some bills, buy herself a new car, and stop looking for a second job.

So make sure to keep playing every day – you might just be PCH’s next winner!

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  1. Wishing to win big for Xmas, I pray, I wish, I play every day, my family needs me to help them life isn’t easy here in Maine, we all work except the children places are closing even more. Having sure children is hard because grants aren’t given freely funds aren’t as well. I don’t want my children to get left behind. In life who’s going to be there for them I don’t want any child to be left behind but I take care of my family when they need me. So this is my holiday wish to win big after playing for so many yrs.

  2. Me and my family have had a struggling last few years, went through identity theft 2 times in the past 5 years and I playing the PCH, my Goal to try and become a winner and not just that to become a mega prize so that I could give back and help struggling families going through hard times to give people hope that good people really do exist and I would love to be able to show the world what it means to stay true and always be there for the struggling little guys that just need one miracle so it can become miracles that stream around the world. I hope me playing through all my struggles that I am seen so I could shine the light down on others that could really us a life line.

  3. Took 5 months the blog to change, very nice to see a new blog…
    Very soon for me it will be 29 years of entering very faithfully, so far I won four small checks. Pch make it . I’m at the very top tear where I get the go ahead to just press, I get extra free entries. I take all the free entries that I am given. Entering for me is no joke this is my retirement. Pch is real people, some in my town won a check.
    I’ve seen a couple long time ago win the big one, so for all those that says pch is fake, a fraud, I’m here to say pch is the real deal. I pray one day I will be a big winner..
    Prize patrol I’ll be happy to see you jumping for joy ? ?

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