In What States Has Prize Money Been Awarded? Question Answered!

Prize money has been awarded to prize winners in all 50 states! But read on to find out if your state has ever had a SuperPrize winner!

The other day, Amanda C. stopped by my office to tell me about a question that was posted on her recent blog, “Wish Upon a Lucky Star And SuperPrize® Dreams Could Come True.” The question was from Annamaria S., who said, “I am from New Mexico. Has anyone ever won from here?” When I heard this, I decided I had to write a blog myself, because I’m so happy to tell you that…

Yes, Annamaria S., there have been Publishers Clearing House prize winners in all 50 states! Ever since the launch of our very first sweepstakes in 1967, we’ve given away millions of dollars in prize money to folks from every state in the country! The Prize Patrol sure has been busy!

But which states have had a SuperPrize Winner? We actually have a map here at PCH Headquarters that represents all the states in which $1,000,000.00…$2,000,000.00… …$10,000.000.00…AND MORE!…in prize money has been awarded in over the years. As the map shows, to date, the Prize Patrol has awarded SuperPrizes to lucky prize winners in twenty-seven states, including…

  • Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida
  • Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland
  • Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri
  • Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York
  • North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania,
  • Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington

Is your state on the list above? If not, I encourage you to enter today for your chance to become its very first SuperPrize winner and get a special visit (and a whole lot of prize money!) from the Prize Patrol!

Remember: our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased, and all entries have an equal chance of winning. North, East, South or West, prize winners can come from anywhere! Wherever you live, it’s just as possible for you to become a PCH SuperPrize winner — like our two newest millionaires, Jason Clark of Pocahontas, Arkansas, and Leroy Faulks of Orange, New Jersey — as it is for every entrant.

Best Wishes!

Maryann Carter
Contest Manager

P.S. If you have any questions you’d like to ask us — about prize money, prize winners or anything else, do what Annamaria S. did — post them in the blog comment space below, and we’ll do our best to answer ASAP!

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  1. dear maam mary ann please help in pch search in win they send me an email to me that my old zip code is us they use it instead they use my new zip code is 60008 not 60016.every time i have a head ache here i am very confuse in my zip code now.thanks and god bless to the company

    1. Hi Maria,

      I’m sorry that you’re getting this error on PCHSearch&Win, please give us a call toll-free at 1-800-645-9242 so that we can look into this.

      Victoria At PCH

  2. I have a great feeling! I pray i will be meeting the Prize Patrol Team In Pengilly,mn Very soon!i will never give up hope,faith, Nor My dreams,follow your dreams they may follow u back!!Lv The Prize Patrol Marrietta Bacigalupo..

  3. Well, my state is not listed as a Super Prize Winner, so I’m still crossing my fingers it will be me in my state. Hope that doesn’t read selfish, yet I do enter and enter to give myself better odds. Yet, I realize that since it is a game of chance, that a person that only enters once could on their very first time be a big windfall winner from PCH. Just hope this time though, all those many entries I have done will pay off in a big way.

  4. Thanks MaryAnn for the ‘state update’ … Nice that you wrote in the blog!! Interesting.. hmmm,
    I think it all has to do with the optimism -or- pessimism of the people. Also the population of that state…? Everyone, (I think) has the chance to enter but many just don’t believe it could happen to them and toss the entries in the trash -or- just ignore the emails because they don’t want to take the time to enter. Who knows why some states win more than others? If someone in a specific state wins & it makes the news and then word of mouth spreads, I think a lot of people decide to try it out. I have never met a PCH winner but I do it simply because ~I Believe~ and I want to bless my kids, who have their own financial struggles. Plus, there is so much good that can be done. 😉

  5. Wisconsinite here and glad to see that we are not on the map yet but hope is always on the horizon. Been a bit chilly here the last few days so if Dave is headed this way tell him to bring at least a jacket along — weather changes here on a dime 🙂 love entering and playing on PS if I am not home I am usually at work lol work and home is all I do these days

    1. As mentioned several times, Wisconsin, has NEVER had a winner. You mention that is is a random selection process????. We Badgers would tend to disagree, in as this supposed giveaway that has been in existence for 30 + years, can’t find this state?. I/we doubt the complete veracity of this promotion and are fools for taking part in it.

      1. N.H. doesn’t seem to be on the map either. Calif. has sure had a lot of winner’s tho!! Come on give our little state a chance….

  6. I was reading a few of these Q&A’S And someone asked about the 1,000,000-plus 5,000-a-week-for-Life sweepstakes..And a rep. said it ended in November with Mr. Leroy Faulks Sr.

    But I got a Winner Selection Notice Letter about that same giveaway Feb.10th of this year. To be returned by March 12th. If it already ended why would I receive a letter notice??

    1. Hi Robeqa,

      There is still a $5,000.00 A Week for Life prize being promoted under Giveaway 1830, but this prize doesn’t include a $1,000,000.00. Perhaps that’s what you received.

      Victoria At PCH

  7. Just a Quick question. Maryann you said nice blog by the way, but you said If your state is not listed, keep entering. You never know it could be choosen one day which is true… But if the sweepstakes is not choosen by goegraphical location then why would that really matter? Also a week ago I think it was April 7th 8th and 9th I was un able to enter the sweepstakes due to my pc breaking down. I am very concerned about my status because I have made it a point to enter everyday as much as I possibly could. On that particular day the email stated that If i was to enter thru that bulletin I would have a number put in the winner selections range! I already recieved a email stating Ihad a number on the winner selections list. I am a bit confused but I still enter everyday, on pretty much every website except facebook; because I rarely go on it myself. I called customer service and was told there was nothing they could do. Pretty bummed.I feel my efforts are going to go to waste. I will continue to enter until the winner is choosen! Good luck everyone thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Mandy,

      I think what Maryann was getting at was that if a state hasn’t been chosen yet, it could be “fate” that it’s next. Good luck!

      Victoria At PCH

  8. I have a great feeling that Atlanta , GA will be the next winner (which is me definitely) and it will change my life forever. good luck to everyone continually entering daily 🙂

  9. Hi Maryann Cater Contest Manager, I as well love this PCH Blog, I’m hoping and dreaming that Alaska will become the next PCH Super Prize winning State. I know the State has won the smaller PCH Prizes, it sure would be a PCH miracle if the State of Alaska won the big PCH Super Prize I am dreaming of. Thank you PCH for all the wonderful opportunities to make my dreams come true your friend and PCH fan.:)

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      The Prize Patrol has surprised people in all parts of the country! Winners are chosen at random from all eligible entries, not by geographical location.

      Victoria At PCH