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How Our First Prize Days Winner Got Her Big Check!

Your Neighbors: The Prize Patrol’s Best Friends

One lesson you can take away from watching the Prize Patrol surprise our many winners:


Neighbors are one of the most valuable resources for the PCH Prize Patrol. They can provide us with crucial information about a winner’s whereabouts…. often preventing the Prize Patrol from simply sitting in the van for hours… watching… waiting.

This was definitely the case on April 12th in Queens, NY. Danielle Lam, her mom, and I headed out to surprise the first of the April Prize Days winners. Tiny Bowens was the winner of $5,000.00 and we were excited to make the short trip – Queens is right in our “backyard.”  So on the beautiful Thursday morning, we gathered our flowers, balloons, and Big Check.

Danielle rang the doorbell of Tiny’s home. No answer.

Danielle knocked on the door. No answer.

After some waiting around, it was clear that no one was going to open the door. So what now?

Plan B! Danielle and I separated and took the block by storm. We knocked on door after door, but a lot of Tiny’s neighbors weren’t answering either! It wasn’t until our fourth attempt that we finally found someone to help us. Tiny’s neighbor and friend informed us that she was definitely home – they had only spent the morning exercising a short while before. While she eagerly went to call Tiny to instruct her to open the front door NOW, Danielle and I ran back to Tiny’s steps with the Big Check in our hands.

And you know how a winning moment goes… “Surprise! It’s the Prize Patrol and you’re a Prize Days winner of $5,000.00!” Tiny was extremely grateful and shocked by her luck – and the Big Check. She’s been entering for 10 years and had entered as recently as the night before. All along, Tiny always believed in PCH and waited for her lucky day to finally arrive.

Congratulations to Tiny! We hope the prize will bring happiness to her – whether she uses it for bills or for some personal pleasures.

This was a great start to the Prize Days Big Check deliveries. Remember, if you’re entering the sweepstakes, you better make sure you are kind to your neighbors. You never know when we’ll need their help!

Laura @ PCH

P.S. Stay tuned to the blog and the PCH Fan Page on Facebook for more Prize Days winner announcements!

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