PCH 2013 — A New Year Full of Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!


At this time of year, it’s always exciting to recap the last twelve months like we did here on the PCH blog a few days ago. Can you believe that in 2012 alone, PCH awarded over $16 MILLION Dollars to over 33,000 winners? It’s amazing! But what’s also exciting is to look ahead to the upcoming twelve.

And today, I have the inside scoop on 2013 just for you blog readers! You’ll be happy to know that 2013 is gearing up to be just as great or dare I say, even BETTER than 2012!

You probably know me from my Prize Patrol trips, but there’s more to my job than that! My position at PCH puts me in the know for all of our exciting events next year. You see, Danielle Lam and I work in the Promotion Development Department. That means we create and schedule all of the fun promotions you see every day — everything from $5,000.00 A Week For Life to $10,000.00 Online Exclusives and more! A few weeks ago, we finished our 2013 calendar, and I have just 3 words to describe it: PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES! Here’s a little peek at what’s in store….

There are 5 Major SuperPrize Events in 2013… that’s one more than last year! We’ll be looking for BIG winners of $5,000.00 A Week “FOREVER” (that’s on 2/28/13), $1,000,000.00 A Year For Life, plus more exciting lifetime prizes!! I can’t wait to see who will join the ranks of Doris Gray, LeRoy Faulks Sr, and John Wyllie.

Over the course of the whole year, the Prize Patrol will deliver at least 20 $10,000+ prizes. That number just covers the planned guaranteed prizes next year – there are bound to be some surprise last minute trips to be made as well. In 2012, we had a lot of unexpected big winners – like Susan Benson who won $50,000 from a PCHlotto scratch card or Jodi Woods who won $10,000 from PCH.com. The Prize Patrol is ready to award a prize at the drop of a hat!

And beyond just the normal prizes we award, 2013 is also a very important year for PCH in terms of history. It is the 60th anniversary of the company and the 25th anniversary of the Prize Patrol! We’ll be celebrating the only way PCH can … with prizes, prizes, prizes!!!! So be sure to keep your eyes open for winning opportunities!

So you tell me…what are YOU most looking forward to in 2013? Comment and let me know!

Here’s to a happy and winning New Year!

Laura Wolfe @ PCH

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  1. Happy new year all. Hopefully this year is much better than last year. Many things have happened before, good or less good, but hopefully this year a lot more fun. Today is a chance to get lucky make life more worth. I also really want this to be my life over to give fresh breath. Hopefully blessed. Thanks in advance.

  2. It is time for some good for this family. We need something good to happen to us. I just feel something good on its way. I am thinking nothing but good!

  3. I have been entering on a timely basis for monthssss….can’t wait and hope I stepped on poop for this moment lol…xxxo happy new year

  4. I am mostly looking forward to being a winner of one of the Major SuperPrizes this year. I just can’t wait until that moment comes!! I am so excited!!

  5. OMGosh! 1Mil/yr/life?? All I can ever say is WOW! It only gets BIGGER… but I would rather win now than hang on, even if it is 1Mil flat! 2013 is going to keep PCH jumping! How does the Elite team do it? What awesome jobs! I wanna help… “shake and bake, and I helped!” LOL
    Thanks Laura! wooo hooo 2013 keeps on rolling, rolling… rolling…!