What Would YOU Do With $7,000 A Week For Life?

Would You Spend Or Save

Hello Everyone!

I’m SO excited about our upcoming $7,000 a Week for Life Prize Event! I mean it’s our LARGEST WEEKLY LIFETIME PRIZE EVER! How cool is that? With THAT much money, you can’t help but dream about all the ways you could spend it! From fancy vacations to shopping sprees, the possibilities are ENDLESS! For some people, living the good life and spending ALL this money on whatever life has to offer seems like the only way to go, but for others, they may have bigger plans in the works for their new fortune!

It’s got to be a hard choice deciding whether to work towards something GRAND, or to indulge in the moment. To help gain some outside perspective about what others would do in this situation, I turned to my co-workers to find out if they would SPEND IT or SAVE IT! Even though they can’t win because they work here, their answers may surprise you!

The first person I asked was one of our Social Media interns, Genevieve P.! Genevieve told me that deciding whether to spend or save is definitely a tough choice for her, but in the end, she would do BOTH! She said that she would save some of the money to pay for her college tuition, but also spend some of the money to invest in a reliable car, and a new house for her father. That’s SO sweet of you, Genevieve!

I went on to ask Brooke O. what she would do with all that CA$H! Brooke told me that she would have NO PROBLEM spending all of that money! I’m with you girl! Even though she mentioned that she would splurge on luxurious vacations and possibly a boat, she also said that saving for a house would be VERY important to her. Good choice, Brooke!

Morgan B. told me that when it comes to $7,000 a Week for Life, she would save that money and use it to pay off her college loans! What a GREAT idea Morgan! Way to better yourself for the future!

Finally, I decided to ask Amanda C. Apparently, saving AND splurging is her way to go! She told me that first, she would splurge a good chunk of her money to land her dream home (AW!), and then save the rest and make it last! You might need a bigger piggy bank, Amanda! 🙂

As for myself, I would save most of it, but spend some on a nice family vacation. I would love the opportunity to bring my parents to Greece or Italy and visit family I never was able to meet!

$7,000 a Week for Life is DEFINITELY A LOT of money to have at your fingertips, so having a game plan on what to do with all of it might be a smart choice! Think about what you would do – spend, save, or maybe BOTH, and comment below and let us know!

And remember what I always say — you can’t win it if you’re not in it! Be sure to keep entering every day!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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  1. I would save and spend every now and then to do all of the the things I could not do. I would help other donate to childrens home and breast cancer. I would take to some business amd investment classes. i would invest into stocks bonds own 1 or 2 business be a motivated speaker to encourage because at that point I would feel motivated. I would write a book about my life called “There is always a Tomorrow”I would perhaps invest into Publishers clearing house. I want to make the best of my life and being finanacially stable wiith a good mindset is a winner. I have student loans bills and all. Winning this would mean the world to me. My family is struggling financially. I love everyone and I am a cherrful giver. I believing in helping people. Winning 7,000.00 a week for life can help me. I been through soo much in my life. Please bless me pch I am in tears right now. I dream to win this year. As bad as I would like to win from one to to would be a 100 … Seriously…

  2. A man like me who was raised off a budget, material things doesn’t impresses me that much of course, I’d get me a home that I can call my own & nice truck. But once I gotten everything I wanted, why would I hoard the rest? I can’t take it with me when I go to meet my maker. Money won’t buy you a ticket into Heaven. That’s for sure. I crave the life of the hereafter more than this present life. Why wouldn’t a man prepare himself to be set for eternity with the blessings that was bestowed on him from God from the start? I guess people don’t think about that. That’s far more than enough to share. Far more than my budget allows. Old habits are hard to break, especially when its been a part of your up bringing your whole entire life. Like my mom said back then, if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. I’ll always budget. That’s called responsibilities. A man without responsibilities could easily fall into sin. And a sinful man would never be allowed into Heaven’s gates. I’d go broke for a heap of good deeds. I’m a man that has a purpose…

  3. I would Help my children to better there Education,and Help others who has been there when we needed them..also get a car that we dont have..and pay Bills..

  4. I would save some, give some, and spend some. Being a born again believer of Jesus Christ, I understand that every good and perfect gift comes from above, so I would do the will of God with what He gives me by beginning our family business a year early and invest in the business that’s coming soon… J-3-16… It’s a business that will give to the world even after I die. I just want to glorify God in the earth and know that I’m doing what God called me to do with what He gives me… I will steward your wealth to create more wealth and always be part of the eyes, hands, and feet of Jesus by being a person that will “DO SOMETHING” and not just lavish myself… I have the mind and heart of Christ to do the things that Christ does through us… In Jesus’ Mighty Name. I know that the day is coming when God will do what He said He will do in my family, and I believe that PCH is apart of that blessing… Thank You, Jesus, that You love us… John 3:16… Read it for yourself and know what thus says the Lord. Amen.

  5. I will help my family, friends and even strangers… I will help humanity in my community,city,state,country,world…. I will not spend on material gain…I would help change the perception of many to that of love ,acceptance, and peace… I have soooo many ideas on how to make people’s days. I am a musician , and I will put events together to benefit everyone who attends..I will give away so much love : ) I will also do so much for planet earth, to raise awareness of the beauty and love that we receive everyday from our planet…thank you pch,thank you existence for this beautiful,Divine opportunity and privilege : ) I love you all!!!! Love for all everywhere!!

  6. I will by a big land and I will rescue animal for take care them I sure I will help my family and friend and wherever people that need my help like always I do that no important to me if I have or not always I do.

  7. Hi; I would use to fence in my parents property,so the local cows could no longer destroy thier yard. Then I would fix up the yard, build my Mother her dream pool and grean house combination so she could get her mucels back in shape, and have fresh fruit-veg to eat. After that I would find a way to help others like fund a local vet and sart local pet welfair program through the local humain sociaty so under privlaged children could aford to have a pet

  8. I would spend some to buy a new home and take all of my family on a wonderful vacation, then I would be saving it for my kids future.