PCH Could Help You Sleep Well – Soon

Enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and you could sleep easy knowing you could pay your bills if you won!

I’m sure you’ve seen TV commercials that tell you that IF you have just the right pillow you will wake up pain-free in the morning. Or you’ve driven by mattress stores with signs beckoning you inside: “Buy it today and sleep — like a baby – on it tonight.”

Those sales claims might work for some people.  But lots of folks don’t sleep well – not because of a bad pillow or mattress but because they are having nightmares about all their debts.  They toss and turn worrying about how they will pay the rent or mortgage, make a car payment, or pay off a mountain of bills.

Well, I’m here to tell you that thanks to Publishers Clearing House and our fabulous line-up of “Play and Win” websites, you could “play” and “win” a Big Check that could make all those sleepless nights a distant memory.  And some of our prizes could be won “instantly” so a great night’s sleep can be yours pretty darn fast.

It’s true that you can’t win a Million Dollar SuperPrize or an incredible “Win for Life” prize the same day you enter our sweepstakes.  BUT the day that you decide to enter could be one of the most important days of your life – because you said to yourself “I want to win!  I’m going to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today!”

That is the “winning attitude” that I see in all the winners I’ve met in person when our Prize Patrol arrives.

So don’t delay!  Instant prizes could be yours at PCHLotto, PCH Search & Win, PCHGames and more.  If you’ve played before, play again.  At PCH you can play every day – for more chances to win – and more chances for a really good night’s sleep!

Sweet dreams and good luck.

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Not sure what to watch tonight before you go to sleep? Check out PCHTV! You’ll learn all about it on Joe W.’s blog this afternoon!

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  1. I would like to win for a little for us,but being 78 years of age ,the time has come we’re I would like to help Familie members to get a lbetter live,CodePC830.there would be enghough left to bring some happiness to a few needy poeple,also love Dachsie,like to enjoy more,living in the Villages it is a retirement Villages from age 55 on,we have a whole community here of over 100.000 Houses.

  2. I claim my pch final chance of a lifetime prize #8800 $15 million. This help me and my sons to give them a real home . I would buy us a house and pay their school off. Take care of my father. Thank you PCH.
    Sincerely Barbara Padilla

  3. My husband and I both toss over bills and debt! I continue to play hard and get in every entry I can. When I spoke with a representative they before through online entry with the customer service they told me you only really get one entry a day. All the emails are just promotional along with the app saying 2 times entry. Is this true?

  4. Dear,Dave I don’t expect to win I like to dream about winning I enter with the hope of a win but I don’t expect to win. Thanks for the dreams..

  5. I want to win so my husband can workless and not have to worry about bills or debt anymore since I can’t work.